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Asian Bleph - my decision

Asian Bleph - my decision

Postby MissA » Sat Sep 16, 2006 5:58 am

I will be having upper bleph and epicanthopy with Dr Flowers.

Like most people, I was also tossing up between Dr Flowers and Dr ******. The decision was more difficult for me because I am not from the US and was not able to consult with either Dr’s face to face.

I did send photos to both Dr ****** and Flowers for their advice. Dr ******, responded via email and I spoke with Dr Flowers over the phone.

At first instance I wanted to have the surgery done by Dr ****** because of his informative website and because he was the only Dr I could find. I had not heard of Dr Flowers until I visited MMH.

As I have an extremely prominent epithical fold, the important thing for me is that I wanted a Dr with experience performing epicanthoplasty and asian bleph together.

Dr ****** did say that I would be disappointed without epicanthoplasty, however he did say that this was not his favourite procedure due to the scarring and long time that it takes for the scar to heal. (I really appreciate that Dr ****** was very up front about it not being his favourite procedure, however I felt uneasy about this).

On the other hand, I knew that Dr Flowers almost always couples upper bleph with epicanthoplastry. I discussed the procedure with him and unlike Dr ******, Dr Flowers told me straight out that my surgery would be coupled with epicanthoplastry. I could tell from speaking to him that he had had a close look at the photos I sent.

He also suggested that I might need to consider a browlift. He explained that this is so that my eyebrows are the correct height after upper bleph. He didn’t bring this up in a negative way at all, he was just making the point that it may be a procedure I might consider at the same time or in the future. Dr Flowers couldn’t say if I needed a browlift from the photos and asked me to send him some more. He also said that I could decide after my face-to-face consult with him.

I had some reservations about Dr Flowers because of his age ( I still do), however I have decided to go with him because of his experience with epicanthoplasty. If I didn’t need epicanthoplasty than I think the decision between Dr Flowers & ****** might be a bit more difficult. But personally, I like the results of Dr Flowers patients. The fold seems to be a lot smoother.

I think that both Dr Flowers and ****** are good plastic surgeons. At the end of the day you just have to go with your gut instinct. Everyone will have different opinions and whoever you chose, there will always be risk. For me, my eyes are priceless and I will not put a price on them (hence flying half way across the world for surgery).
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Postby Bluefairy » Sat Sep 16, 2006 11:41 am

Hello MissA,
Mind my asking what was the price he quoted you? he quoted 5,900 for me. I said that seemed extremely high. Their rational was that it was because mine would be a revision. He also suggest the brow lift too for $5200.

I havent decided yet btwn flowers or ****** yet in if I go ahead with the procedure, it may be in january of 2007. perhaps we can make plans to share costs of hotel...
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Postby MissA » Sat Sep 16, 2006 6:28 pm

Hi Bluefairy,

I thought your eyes looked beautiful!! Why do you want a revision?

My quote was $4700 for upper blehp and $5200 for browlift. I guess because yours is a revision it costs more?

If you are planning to go to Dr Flowers in January then please let me know - I would love to split the cost of a hotel.

Hope to hear from you soon
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Postby toronto_beauty » Tue Sep 19, 2006 11:05 am

Hi girls,

I decided to go to Dr. Flowers in November, but I haven't make an appointment with him. He quote me for $4200 for both upper and epicanthopy. (Did his price rise again?) But he quote me $12000 for the browlift. It really sounds like he is suggesting almost everyone to have a browlift along with the upper. I will call his office again for anther consultation and make up the appointment. Did he suggested other procedures for you? Do you think he would be good in nose job and chin too? I finally made up my mind, feel great!
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Postby MissA » Wed Sep 20, 2006 10:38 pm

The Clinic said that the procedure costs more for me because the anatomy of my eyes requires a large epicanthopy procedure.

Best wishes for your surgery toronto beauty..let me know how it goes..

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Postby Bluefairy » Fri Oct 13, 2006 5:21 am

hello MissA,
Sorry for the delayed response. I will be calling Dr flowers tommorrow to see if I can schedule an appointment for January. It will probably be early january, like the first week. Have you scheduled yet?

I'm having difficulty in deciding who to choose (****** or flowers)

Let me know what your surgery date will be.
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Postby bichonfrise » Fri Oct 13, 2006 5:56 am

I know next to nothing about this kind of surgery but generally speaking, people who have upper blephs done very often look like their eyebrows are too low. If you look at a lot of before and after photos you will see what I mean--at least this is the case with Caucasian eyes and can be very striking in people whose eyes were hooded.

One explanation for this could be that when the extra skin is excised, the fat pad that helps hold up the eyebrows is removed along with it. Another reason might be attributed to an optical illusion--the distance between the top of your eyelid and the bottom of your eyebrow. Imagine putting a crease there and you will see that this distance between the two will be much shorter, so you may end up unhappy with this new relationship.
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