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Can I get eyelid surgery? What do I do? Please help!

Can I get eyelid surgery? What do I do? Please help!

Postby NatashaG » Mon Apr 09, 2012 9:38 pm

I have a problem with my eyelid that has taken over my life. Some background -- I am only 21 years old and am not asian, at all. About six months ago, I wore a pair of cheap fake eyelashes to a party and took them off before bed without adequately removing the residual adhesive. When I woke up, one eye looked strikingly different -- I noticed that the crease had changed and the lid was lower than the other eye. I had this immediate sense that the change was permanent, but since the eye seemed a little puffy and swollen at the time, I decided to see some doctors and get some reassurance.

I saw an eye doctor who diagnosed me with EKC, and said it was nearly healed and I should just use eyedrops and let it heal. I went back a few weeks later, and the infection had completely healed yet the eyelid change was obviously permanent. I asked if the change was permanent, and he said he could barely see a difference between my eyes. He also said to not even consider surgery, as it would only make things worse.

I went to a private doctor who at least told me she saw a difference, and referred me to a nearby eyelid specialist. After months of slowly realizing this was a permanent problem, I was holding my breath for any kind of good news from the surgeon -- even just the remote possibility that I could get it back the way it was, even slightly. She told me the same thing I'd already heard from everyone, that surgery would only things make things worse, and the problem was "so slight" that it shouldn't matter. She said if I was a family member of hers, she would not want to operate.

Please understand. I'm not a 50 year old woman with a slight ptosis from age. I'm not an asian girl who's always had eyelid issues. I'm not someone who was "born with this and never noticed it," something the eyelid surgeon suggested that brought me to tears. She told me to look through old photos, as though I don't know what I looked like before! My eyes used to be my favorite thing about myself. People stopped me to tell me I had pretty eyes because they actually opened very wide and were quite symmetrical. I'm a 21 year old girl who has barely hit adulthood and feels all her beauty was taken away in one stupid night from something I had no idea was even possible. No one even wants to consider operating on me because I'm so young, but that's precisely why I want surgery - I have to go the rest (entirety) of my adult life this way?

I used to wear liquid eyeliner on my upper lids all the time, and it was one of my favorite things. Now there is such a huge gap between my lash line and my lid crease on one eye that not only is the shine never showing in one eye, but the eyeliner never looks symmetrical. Putting on makeup brings me to tears every single morning, because now I have to work to make my eyes look symmetrical, which I never used to do. Makeup isn't about looking pretty anymore, it's just a tool to make me look less like I've been beaten or drunk.

The 2 worst things about this, besides it existing in the first place, is people either telling me they "barely see it" or telling me I'm being petty, ridiculous, vain or immature for caring about it. It seems it's just bad enough that it has ruined my life, and yet not quite bad enough for anyone to operate on me.

If nothing else, please, someone, tell me that this is something that can be changed. Please tell me someone can do something. Even just acknowledging that it is a problem would save me a lifetime of therapy. I've included photos -- I am not exaggerating the position of my eyelids at all. This is how they look now -- the crease has changed and the lid is lower.




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Re: Can I get eyelid surgery? What do I do? Please help!

Postby sued » Wed Apr 11, 2012 10:10 am

Hi Natasha,
I have to admit that when I first saw the pictures, I didn't notice any problems at all. You see a difference, of course, because they're your eyes. I had an upper bleph about 5 years ago. It really made a difference in my eyes, but the scar I'm left with is much worse than anything you see on your lid now. Don't get me wrong, my scar is very light, and you can't even see it with make-up. But, I can see it, just like you can see your issue. I have a feeling your solution is more along the lines of creams or maybe vitamin E oil. Stay away from surgery, where you'll be signing up for life-long scars. The trade-off isn't worth it in your case.
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Re: Can I get eyelid surgery? What do I do? Please help!

Postby Randy44 » Wed Apr 11, 2012 10:33 pm

I definitely see a difference. But you need to use a better camera than that cell phone camera 2 feet from you face. Use a mirror and take a picture of your eyes straight on from 6+ feet with a decent zoom lens camera. Crop it and print it out to as close as possible to actual size. Measure the exposed pupil on each side in mm. My understanding is that the definition of ptosis is a greater than 1 mm differential, I would estimate you have a 3.5 mm differential (that is what I had before my ptosis operation). Though I find it odd that photo 4 of you squinting does not exhibit ptosis, a typical ptosis problem would be evident when squinting. I am not knowledgeable enough to explain why that would be, but my bet is that it is a clue to your problem.
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Re: Can I get eyelid surgery? What do I do? Please help!

Postby TracyS » Sun Jul 29, 2012 9:28 pm

just looks like swelling to me...but I'm no eye specialist. Eyes do change a lot over the years. And when we feel something is out of whack we tend to fiddle with it more...and rubbing of course causes more swelling. Anyway a blephroplasty wont fix it...leave it alone for a while or see if you can make your other eye a bit puffy too so it looks droopier (bedroom eyes) and even. Sorry I have no filter....

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