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Fat Graft Removal - Help!

Fat Graft Removal - Help!

Postby VirginiaGirl » Sat Dec 22, 2007 9:29 pm

I am just about two years post-fat graft (Donofrio) and 3 years post bleph which created undereye hollowness. My face is starting to look like Frankenstein from the fat grafts, I am truly one of those plastic surgery nightmares that you never expect to happen to you. Please, has anyone successfully had fat grafts removed from the lower eyelids/cheeks, or heard of anyone who has? This is not just one or two little lumps, this is a big mess! Frankly I think the fat would be easier to remove from the lower eyes, but these grafts gone wrong are at the tops of my cheekbones (which is not where they were supposed to be anyway). I look like a raccoon with the puffy swelling circling my eyes, and my face feels buried under neath all this fat.

I've read all the posts I can find and have heard about a whole bunch of doctors that are supposed to be good at putting fat in (Flowers, Berman. Coleman), but how about getting it out? Please help, anyone!

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Postby Suzanna » Mon Dec 24, 2007 4:21 pm

Hi Virginia,
I have exactly the same problem. My fat grafts are huge. I had mine done by Donofrio over three years ago and they do change with time. I have gained some weight, but my face feels very bloated.

As usual, I went out shopping yesterday, ran into an old friend who I had to approach (cuz she didn't know me). She said "wow, I didn't recognize you"... This has happened to me soooooooooo many times that I feel that I want to move South. There is no describing the anguish and hurt that I feel almost every time I go out. It's not just the bleph anymore = it's the fat graft. I'm hoping if I lose some weight, it will go down.

I know exactly how you feel. I have giant cheeks and would love to have the fat cut out even more than I'd like my eyes fixed. I feel sad a lot of the time now and just wanna go where no one knows me.... New friends, new start.

If you find a surgeon, let me know. Yaremchuk offered to cut out my fat graft. (I declined), so at least I know he does it. He's in Boston. Have a great holiday (despite how we look, let's try).

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