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Xeomin Injections by Dr. Friend. Does this sound weird?

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Xeomin Injections by Dr. Friend. Does this sound weird?

Postby Kaylight1101 » Fri Dec 15, 2017 8:27 pm

I have a friend who is a plastic surgeon (but does only occasional minor surgeries and is mostly doing injections, etc.) and who gave me a small discount on both Xeomin injections and fillers a year ago. I was very happy with both results. The Xeomin seemed to last nearly eight months.

Well, I finally decided to get it done again for winter and a week before Halloween, she charged me $400 or so dollars (can't remember) for a certain number of units of Xoemin. This time, the procedure felt really rushed and hardly painful at all. I remember thinking, "Gee, that was fast." I kept waiting for the stuff to kick in and finally when it did seem to, it shortly started wearing off. My 11's wore off first (which never took well anyway), then the eyes, and I don't think the lower face area took at all.

After 5 weeks, I was pretty unhappy with it all. This put me in a weird situation because she is a friend but I asked her why it didn't seem to work and she said she would check my chart. A week goes by and nothing. So I bring it up again and she says she will check my chart, that maybe she "shorted me" while trying to give me the most value for my budget. So another week goes by and it is wearing off more and I bring it up again and she says she will try and check tomorrow but never does. I finally asked if I needed to make an appt.. She said she checked my chart and nothing was done differently.

I went in there and she said the Xeomin should have been good but maybe it was on the last of its potentcy but still should have worked as no one else had complained. She wanted to charge me to redo everything - $250.00 , which is her cost. I said let's just forget it. I didn't want to spend $250 when the result barely worked this time and what if it doesn't again? I don't have a ton of extra money, especially around the holidays. So she said she would do it for free and we can talk about the money later. Then she said she gets samples and would just consider it a sample use, that she didn't want me walking around with no result.

This time, the treatment itself took longer to do, seemed more painful, and I had more marks and some bruising. The last time, I had hardly any needle marks.

I was really going through some weird stuff over all this in my mind. I know she has been complaining about her business needing to be better because we live in a small area with not a high enough population for her (but she manages to live pretty well and take nice vacations.) I thought maybe she used less and was hoping it would work and I wouldn't notice how soft the treatment seemed that time. She was saying weeks ago that she had a real problem with a patient that upset her but woulnd't go into details. I noticed someone gave her a bad rating on a doctor site back in October around that time, but didn't leave details.

The day after she redid the Xeomin, she sent me a message saying sorry for being squirelly about the money and that she kind of had an issue for a moment with the $250 it cost her to do this but "thinks it will work out." (added smiley face). It was then that I told her that I thought the last treatment seemed lighter and faster, but that maybe it was just my perception and it will be interesting to see how this treatment takes.

If it does take much better, then obviously it was something about her or the product.

I really got the sense that she was either in a rush that day or purposely used less because as she also said in her message, that she had been trying so hard to build her business back up.

Either way, I am not going to back to her and in the future, I guess it is just going to have to be awkward when she notices I am not. But my gut really had a weird feeling about all this. If your product totally fails on all areas of your face, when it did not before and supposedly no one else complained with the same batch of product, do you think you should be charged to do it all over again when it barely takes and then wears off in five weeks? And the way she seemed to want to blow it off was strange as well, as she seems pretty on top of things in general.

How have injectors treated you when the thing was a total fail, basically?
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