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5 days Post Op

5 days Post Op

Postby vanessavy » Sun Oct 19, 2014 5:06 am

So, I had a total colectomy for colon cancer almost 3 years ago. My tummy tuck I had prior to that still remained great but I formed all this lopsided fat that was driving me nuts. I decided to get some lipo done with my long time plastic surgeon. I was scheduled to have lipo to arms, flanks, abdomen, middle back and inner thigh. Once there we decided lip to the arms was not going to be worth it since I had mainly muscle and skin from major weight loss in 2006. So, I tossed in the arm lift last minute for surgery I had Tues. Rather get it all done and over with at once.

Holy crap, I don't remember lipo hurting that bad! My arms felt like cake walk compared to the back lipo killing me. Now the lipo pain is a bit better but my swelling is nuts. My arms swell so bad my hands puff up, my right is worse than the left. I am using Bromelian now but it is driving me up the wall. The lower part of my arm gets weird swollen areas and goes numb. Normal sounding to arm lift vets? I sleep with pillows next to me. I was instructed if I lose feeling in the hands with swelling to take the compression garment off for at least an hour.

Other than that, I can do anything (I think being a powerlifter and big muscles helped in that area). I have been alone as of 2 days ago and no issues with needing help. It is just this swelling that is freaking me out and then the numbness that goes with it in areas. Stressful.
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Re: 5 days Post Op

Postby freespiritha » Mon Oct 27, 2014 4:36 pm

Be careful not to raise your arms much and do to much to avoid stretching a scar, make sure u drink lots and rest!!! how are you today?
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