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2 weeks post-op mini arm lift

2 weeks post-op mini arm lift

Postby Happydebb » Wed Aug 15, 2012 7:29 am

I had the mini lift plus ultrasound assisted lipo to upper arms and breast lift/augmentation under muscle. The recovery has been easier than I had anticipated. I actually worked the next day from home, and never took any time off. My job is 100% computer so I was worried that my fingers might be swollen or I would have numbness or something that would affect my work. I did have a little swelling of hands and fingers, but nothing that limited me in any way. I was even able to button shirts which I thought might be a problem. As of yet, I have had no swelling or bruising at all! (Other than mentioned above) My doctor did a tummy tuck and lipo on the flanks 7 weeks ago and I had minimal swelling and no bruising there either. I was willing to accept the full arm lift scars, but I had 2 plastic surgeons tell me I did not need the full lift. So far I think I will be happy. I lost 1.5 inches in each arm circumference (Total 700cc removed). I am supposed to limit my reach for a while, but the couple times I have extended it feels like it is not going to be a problem. The arm compression garment is not really comfortable. If it were just for the arm compression it would be no problem. The seam hits right on the scar under my arm and is really irritating. In 6 more weeks I will get what I hope is my final surgery. Buttocks/thigh lift. I can't wait to be done!!! Doing all of this while having a 2 year old is really tough. He is very, very tired of mommy having owies! Next month I will get my before and afters from PS and post them.
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