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Makeovertravel reviews.Family experience in Bolivia pics!!

Makeovertravel reviews.Family experience in Bolivia pics!!

Postby Leti35 » Wed Jul 18, 2012 1:33 pm

hi my name is Leticia,
I had my first surgery done in Bolivia at MakeoverTravel on Nov, 2005. I did a nose job and liposuction combined with a Brazilian butt lift (fat injection on butt)-
On May 2011 I returned to get a breast implants surgery.
My mother and sister have been at MakeoverT clinic on 2004 for the same procedures but they did all in one trip. Unfortunately I couldn’t do that trip with them because I was pregnant. :?
On 2005 after having my two kids, and gaining 25 lbs on my hips I decided I wanted liposuction to lose the inches and a rhinoplasty.
but the most important for me was my nose,,I always disliked my nose because of a small bump and my tip was too bulbous. It also had a "hanging" appearance. :(
To make short a long story,,,
My first consultation was pleasant, my surgeon was very friendly, nice and down to earth and most importantly knowledgable and confident. He made me feel beautiful even without the surgery and pointed out what he could change about my nose and improve my body.
….Finally, the day had come! It was my first plastic surgery and I was sooo nervous but the nurses and the medical team were so nice and put me at ease. They made me feel comfortable and before I knew it, I was out of surgery. The week of recovery was long because I did not go out and stayed at hotel all day. I stayed 12 days in Bolivia, the pain after liposuction was high, first two weeks were miserable I was swollen, bruised, sore, nothing fit :cry: ....but then the inches started falling off. I had lipo to my abs, flanks, back, inner and outer thighs. I lost 25 inches and 15lbs in the first six months! :D
The pain after nose surgery was minimal and before I knew it the cast/splints were off. This was probably the worst part of the procedure but it was done in split seconds so nothing to worry about. Although my nose was really swollen and even the doctor was like "its going to be really weird/swollen looking" I still loved it!!!! My profile was dramatically improved without looking fake, the tip was swollen but I could see a slight difference. 7 years after my nose job I am so happy with the results thus far. I feel so much more confident!
On May 2011 I did my second trip to Bolivia for a breast augmentation. I wanted bigger and fuller breasts for a long time. Not happy the way certain clothes fit on me before, i.e. tube tops, t-shirts. It took long time for me to make this decision and i couldn't it on my firts trip. Now I am so glad I did! I went from B to D. My implants- 450cc silicone Mentor.
Surgery went well and quick. You have to stay on top of pain medications after surgery and take it EASY..like after a liposuction the healing process for a breast surgery is so important and takes time, so be very patient. My rhinoplasty has changed my life but I didn't expect my new breasts to change my life, but they did. In a very good way .. I am sexy and I know it lalalala 8) 8)
Look at the pictures I attached. I love my new look and I had great experience!

I also attached my sister’s pics. She get a liposuction on abdomen, flanks, back inner and outer thighs, a brazilian butt lift, a breast implants and a rhinoplasty) she get all that procedures at same time which allowed her to get a good deal. She paid $7,000 for all.
Her implants are 550cc silicon mentor. She also had Septorhinoplasty to remove a bump on her nose and fix a deviated septum so she could breathe better. She is thrilled with her results.
Just wanna say that all the staff at MakeoverTravel are very professional. All the time at clinic and in the hotel we felt so secure and under the best care we could wish for! No complications no problems. We all look and feel great! :D :wink:

My pics are here: http://www.makemeheal.com/pictures/breast-augmentation-implants/surgery-in-south-america-at-makeovertravel-clinic-liposuction-rhinoplasty-breast-implants-brazilian-butt-lift-a14234
Makeovertravel clinic in Bolivia
Breast Augmentation
Full Liposuction
Brazilian Buttlift

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Re: Makeovertravel reviews.Family experience in Bolivia pics!!

Postby Madrede2 » Wed Aug 29, 2012 1:59 pm

Saludos Leticia,
Quisiera confirmar que eres real, tengo planes de visitar Bolivia en sept y busco alguien que ya lo habia experimentado. Que bueno que encontre tu historia. Si puedes comunicate conmigo a mi email numarealestate@aol quiero hacerte unas preguntas sobre el viaje con makeover travel.
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