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My Breast Lift surgery with Dr. J Scott Ferguson

My Breast Lift surgery with Dr. J Scott Ferguson

Postby windydawn53 » Sun Sep 09, 2012 11:31 am

I've been wanting to post a review and pictures but hadn't gotten to it yet. I'll try to upload pictures later,( as soon as I can figure out how to.) First I want to say thank you to all the ladies and fellows on MMH who have been very instrumental and educating on what to look for in a surgeon. When to expect after surgery etc. I would be almost clueless if I hadn't done a lot of reading on this forum.
I had my breast lift done on June 8th with Dr. John Scott Ferguson. I know people suggest you have 2 or 3 consultations and I did have 3 online consultations with other PS's. Emailing my pictures in. I also said a little prayer to be led to the right one because some of the stories I've heard of botched or poor surgeries and having to have it redone by another PS. Or reading about PS's that didn't seem to care much what happened to you after they got your money, did scare me a bit. I'm far from rich and would be using money I saved and money my hubby was going to loan me. I honestly wasn't looking for anyone in my town to do the surgery. I live in Lakeland, FL. I guess I thought you needed to go to a major city to find a good PS.
I was actually looking more towards the Tampa, Orlando or the Miami area. Almost chose one in one of those areas, but then started reading bad reviews on him about being brushed off after he got his money. And the last review someone posted on Real Self, had a pretty bad complication and he was still brushing them off. Although other PS's on that forum were advising her to get to the ER as soon as possible.
Anyhow. I was starting to get frustrated and I did a search for PS's in my city. A couple names came up. One that my gut feeling seemed to say to go for the consultation with was Dr. John Scott Ferguson. Board certified in Plastic and reconstructive surgery.
At my consultation I felt very at ease with Dr. Ferguson. He's very good natured and not snobby at all. I never felt rushed or pressured. He didn't try to sell me implants. By the way, his price was very reasonable. He patiently answered every question and I asked A LOT of them. He explained things to me in terms I could understand and he even drew pictures for me. He did no bragging on himself.
I know why now. His work speaks for itself, and I can't see him as the bragging type anyway.
His nurses Jaclyn and Judith, were very friendly too.

Anyway, I was pretty sure I was going to go with him after that first meeting. I liked his personality and his before and afters. BUT, I actually went back two more times to ask questions. Some, I had already asked before but wanted to recheck. And he still answered them patiently and politely. No rushing through or urging me to make up my mind. By the third meeting we set up the surgical date. June 8th. Friday morning. I was a little nervous but felt very confident in Dr. Ferguson's hands. I got to the surgical center and was prepped and marked up. Dr. Ferguson put me totally at ease. It was like my brother or cousin or a friend was going to be doing the surgery. After surgery, in the recovery room, he checked up on on me and made sure I was okay before I could go home. He called me the next day, Saturday, to check up on me, and also had me come in on Monday, then the following Friday. I felt like crap the first few days, because my body absolutely hates to be messed with. My face and neck turn beet red just getting my teeth cleaned at the Dentist. I'm sensitve to so many things. But, I healed beautifully with no infections, or openings at all. I'm still going to him because he wanted to give me some laser treatments, at no extra charge on my surgical incisions that were still kind of red. Being my body is so sensitive. I'm very pleased with the results and feel he gave me my moneys worth, and went way beyond that, as far as his care and concern for his patients. He's such a friendly, good natured guy ,that my hubby likes to come in the treatment room with me, because he likes to talk to him too! I would recommend him to anyone and will be getting a Tummy Tuck with him, hopefully by late fall 2013,( when I have the money saved.) Sometimes a gem can be in your own back yard and I am glad I chose Dr. Ferguson to do my breast lift surgery. PS .Sorry this was so long and will try and post some pictures soon.
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