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breast lift without implants

breast lift without implants

Postby lila-lu » Thu Dec 25, 2014 9:30 am

hi, i'm having a tummy tuck and a breast lift without implants. dr. says i have plenty of volume w/out the need of implants, but thats how i always look with 12 lbs extra weight on me, when he first seen me at 152. right now i'm 152, it's december 25th 2014, my surgery is jan. 16th, 2015. i plan to be back down in weight which is pretty normal for me, 140. then my breasts are more , well how they look, flatter and saggier. has anyone had a breast lift w/out implants and haven't lost any size? i like them when their a full c/d and i don't what to lose any size. any suggestions would be helpful :)
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Re: breast lift without implants

Postby SportyKaren » Wed Jan 14, 2015 12:54 am

I had a breast lift without implants years ago and it was the best thing. I healed well and looked very natural because there was no implant. My PS strongly suggested an implant even though I was a "D" but I knew what I wanted.
Good luck with your surgery!
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Re: breast lift without implants

Postby Sdwis » Sun Jan 25, 2015 5:48 pm

I just had a breast lift without implants 4 weeks ago. My breasts were also a 'D' cup. My PS gave me the option of him making them smaller, larger (with implants), or staying the same. I chose option 3, and am so glad I did so. He, his nurse, and I all think my breasts now look like implants. they are high, round, perky, smooth and beautiful.

Even with the scars, they never looked so good!!!
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Re: breast lift without implants

Postby sarah_jane » Tue Mar 24, 2015 10:48 pm

I think if you are planning to lose additional weight you should consider breast implants or weight until you do for the lift.
You can't control where you lose the weight and if will be a shame (and a waste of money) if it goes from your boobs and they no longer are as perky and full.
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