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How many days to take off work after dog ear revision?

How many days to take off work after dog ear revision?

Postby windydawn53 » Wed Nov 28, 2012 10:27 am

Hi, I'm having some little dog ears removed under my breasts in January. They're very small ones and my PS told me it would need like 2 stitches under each breast. That I could probably go back to work the next day. The PS's nurse said it will be a shot under each breast that feels like a very bad bee sting, and then it will numb the area up good to do the revision. My question is to those that had a dog ear revision before. How many days off do you think I might need. I clean for people and I use my arms a lot. Quite vigourously. I'm wondering how I could go back to work the next day and use my arms the way I do and not feel any pain or stitches pulling. My appt is on a Thursday and I don't work weekends. I thought maybe having Thurs, Fri Sat and Sunday might be enough time to recover.But would like the opinion of someone who has been through it.
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Re: How many days to take off work after dog ear revision?

Postby jodhis » Sun May 05, 2013 11:38 pm

I see you posted this in November so I'm sure you already had your revision. I hope it went well. I had dog ears fixed from my tt incision and went from the office directly to work as a nurse. It was no problem. I hope your experience was similar.
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