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Ultimate Breast Lift Dr. Horndeski ( no vertical scar)

Ultimate Breast Lift Dr. Horndeski ( no vertical scar)

Postby staffagents@rocketmail.com » Mon Feb 04, 2013 10:24 pm

I live in Dallas and we have some of the top PS in the world. During my search for the scarless breast lift I could only locate 3 doctors in the USA who used a different technique that has limited scarring. The only one I saw which may truly be scarless is the Serdev technique http://www.drserdev.com/serdev_proc.html. This technique would not work for my breast due to the size and shape(34G). I know several doctors (PS) who warn against anything or anyone who is not certified through ABPS. Please investigate all options prior to making a life and body changing decision. Ask your doctor the though questions like to share three bad experiences with the procedure that you inquired about and ask for references. This is your body, your money and your time, so you can ask whatever you like. If the doctor makes you feel uneasy or is not clear in answering you questions prior to surgery, just imagine how it will be afterwards.
I went to three PS and the all told me that I would have a scar and it would heal and smooth out within a year. I was fearful of the scars so I put the surgery off. Then I found out we would be traveling to Brazil this summer for 4 weeks, I thought to myself "not with this back pain and saggy maggies". So I did another consultaion with Dr.Horndeski and Elisa (who is the breast whisper), this was a skype meeting and they looked at my breast and my desired shape. Elisa and I had a little debate about my breast size, which I though was 36 DD or 38 D, she told me I was at least a 34 DDD or G. She had me go get fitted to prove her wrong, she was correct I am a 32 H , 34 DDD or G. Amazing how she knew this by seeing me live on a conference video session. Once we decided that I would need the full lift, they book my appointment and for two weeks I looked on every site and asked them a million questions and they promptly responded. I went to my primary care doctor and got my Chem 8 panel blood, UA, EKG and had my recent mammogram sent to them. I then paid the deposit to reserve my date, booked my room at Staybridge hotel in Sugarland, TX for 6 nights.
Thursday night I ate and drank all the tea in Texas because I would not be able to have anything after midnight.
Friday Feb. 1st 2013 @ 9 am my husband took me to Dr. Horndeski's office and we filled out the paper work. Dr. H spoke with me about what he was going to do and how he would do the breast lift, then gave me a chance to address concerns. We finished our conversation and went over to the surgical center which is in the same medical plaza. The ladies at the front desk are not very warm and greeting, but that's okay they did their job by having me fill out paperwork and pay the facilities fees. My procedure was scheduled for 11am. We started by 12:30 and it took about 4 hours total time. Woke up binded up with two drains coming out of my armpits. Hubby took me back to the hotel and I drank sprite and saltines crackers(do not eat salt you will swell up like a balloon). The next morning Dr.H & Elisa came to our room to check on me and help me get into one of the seven bras I brought with me. Dr. H told me to take a shower and get dressed for the day and eat a healthy diet but no liquor or wine.
I WAS SUPER SORE, felt like I had tight band around my breast and I had done 2400 push ups for a week straight. When they took the breast molding cast off I was very disappointed with the shape and the looked like two square packs of dark brown sugar. My breast looked smaller to me also, I could tell that the cleavage was much fuller, but I know there was a ton of swelling. They told me this was normal and not to worry because the breast will mold to the bras within the next four to six week. I have to wear a bra 24 hours a day until March 12th 2013.
I am 72 hours post op and you can see my pics.
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Re: Ultimate Breast Lift Dr. Horndeski ( no vertical scar)

Postby staffagents@rocketmail.com » Mon Feb 04, 2013 11:24 pm

So far my experience has been positive. Now I have to go through the healing process. I will keep everyone posted.
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