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After effects jealousy

After effects jealousy

Postby mystic456 » Tue Jun 16, 2015 2:03 am

Hello ladies I have just registered with this site.It's great to see so many ladies realise their breast reduction dreams. I had mine done in 2008 age 35 privately in the UK I went from very large 34gg/h to 34d at 5ft 1 now after few years a 34ff. As I'm now smaller I can exercise and have lost weight and toned up a bit, my issue is with people mainly women hating on me for changing or looking better. For years I was miserable and overweight with massive breasts and was constantly made a fool of, why can't people be supportive and happy for you? my so called best friend has been the worst, I'm so hurt and disappointed, have any of you ladies experienced this maybe not just breast surgery but any other kind of surgery? Thank you xx
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Re: After effects jealousy

Postby sea_breezes » Mon Jun 06, 2016 5:53 pm

I have suffered for many, many years also, and have never been without pain and never had the money to even consider breast reduction, because insurance would not approve. Now, I am a 42G (DDDD) and I slump so badly at 62 years old, I walk like I am 90. Please do not let anyone put you down for feeling better about yourself. I am scheduled for surgery June 16th (next Thursday) and I dare anyone to tell me about what I did was wrong. I am doing this to be out of pain and stop looking like I have 2 10 pound bags of potatoes hanging on my chest. I am looking forward to buying clothes close to the size of my bottoms. I wear a 12 bottom and an 18 top. What is pretty about that?! I hurt so much I cry myself to sleep at night. My breast are so large, they started splitting open. So when a so called friend downs you...she or he is not a friend at all. They are just jealous they don't look as good as you do now! Until they live with the pain you have experienced, don't let them judge you or anyone else for improving your health and self being. I am in your miserable state right now with the massive breasts, but if they have not walked the walk; they have no clue about what we go through. Sincerely and you did what was good for you, not others. Bless you!
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Re: After effects jealousy

Postby mysticpizza4567 » Sat Oct 15, 2016 7:12 am

Hi sea_breezes thanks for replying sorry it's been a few months. I'm sorry to hear you are in the same situation I was in I hope hope so much you get the outcome you are in much need of, I will keep you in my thoughts!! Yes my so called friend has shown her true colours but she isn't the only one and it's very sad, it's almost like they liked you to be in pain and discomfort as it keeps you down, not friends at all. The story continues but it's with her, she became ill this year a (gall bladder) and lost a lot of weight with the result her breasts have shrunk and she's more concerned about that than anything else! she is probably a c cup at most before weight loss they are mainly down to birth control and they have all but disappeared! so I'm not popular and I can feel the ice and stares at my breasts, anyway that's her problem. She's the type that's in constant competition and I'm not like that, anyway I am distancing myself from her and her nasty mouth and attitude! Thank you for your reply and happy healing and best wishes xxx
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