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Bearly any difference in size after BR - very upset

Bearly any difference in size after BR - very upset

Postby Lisa5 » Mon Dec 02, 2013 2:28 pm

Hi - I'm 2 weeks post op, and healing very nicely. Minimal bruising, minimal pain...basically an uneventful recovery.

I was a 38F/G before surgery, and quite saggy. When discussing what size I would be "after" with my PS, he said it would probably come out somewhere between a C and D cup. We agreed that being "proportional" was what was important (I'm 5'4" and 160 lbs).

Anyway, post op, I'm still huge. I fit snuggly into a 38DD, and I'm heart sick. There's very little difference with my clothes on before/after, and all my clothes fit more or less the same as they did pre-op (a bit looser but basically they fit fine). I am happy with the new shape and the lift -- they are very perky and the nipple is in a much better place, higher up on my breast now -- but I'm still a very buxom woman (embarrassingly so) and that's not what I envisioned when I put myself through all this - I was hoping finally to be able to where summer tank tops and tee shirts, without feeling freakish, but alas seems that's not what's transpired.

Looking for any thoughts you great ladies might have on this? Have any of you been in this same boat (i.e. still a DD after, on a small frame?).

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Re: Bearly any difference in size after BR - very upset

Postby sfrancis1 » Tue Dec 03, 2013 8:22 pm


From what I read and what the PS said it could take several months for the swelling to subside enough to really be able to tell what size you are. When I asked my PS what cup size could I expect, he said that I could give him a estimated cup size and then based on the proportions of the rest of my body, he would make sure everything matched up. I would definitely tell him/her your concerns and go from there...Good luck.
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Re: Bearly any difference in size after BR - very upset

Postby britzel.h » Tue Dec 24, 2013 11:44 am

Hello Lisa5,
How is your recovery going? After surgery there will be a significant amount of swelling. Don't be alarmed, but I agree with sfrancis1 you should talk to your PS about your concerns.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Happy Holidays! :D
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