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Help! BR and bottoming out

Help! BR and bottoming out

Postby kstar » Wed Sep 18, 2013 11:19 am

Hi there - I'm hoping to get a bit of advice re: revisions, bottoming out, and second opinions.

I had a BR in Feb '13, and since then I've had maybe three revisions/touch-ups - most just little nips and tucks. As my boobs settled in, it became apparent that they were bottoming out - the tissue moves below the scar line, basically. I guess it's usually seen in implants, but it can still happen in reductions.

Anyway, in the early summer I had a larger revision to fix the bottoming out. This was an in-office visit, and I was given 5 Valium and 5 Xanax to make me loopy and then he numbed the area being worked on. Except the meds didn't have enough time to kick in, so I was wide awake, terrified, and sobbing through most of the procedure (mostly out of fear). He cut along the bottom scar and did this thing where he tied tissue (?? not sure what actually happened) to my rib, and lord it HURT.

Months later: I'm still bottoming out, though it's better than it was before. I guess my tissue doesn't take to this stuff very well. But since it's something that can get worse, he says he needs to redo the surgery (same scary rib thing). I asked if that would fix it once and for all, and he said that with my fussy tissue, it's a wait-and-see thing, and it's possible we'd have to do it again. UGH. I demanded that I need more/stronger loopy pills, more numbing... and I'm probably going to take some of those pills a little early to make sure they kick in in time. I'm totally anxious about having to go through all that again.

Anyway, I'm loathe to have more revisions (I get that he's a perfectionist, but dang!), but I'm sticking with it because I still trust him, it's (according to him) something that can worsen, and honestly, he's not charging me for the revisions, so might as well, right? My mom suggested I get a second opinion, but because it's cosmetic at this point, I'd have to pay for it out of pocket, and really, I don't know that he's doing a *bad* job or not.

Does anyone have some insight into bottoming out - what it really means, how much worse can it get? Am I dumb to trust him and let him keep doing these revisions?

I'm so frustrated - I just want to be DONE with surgeries and pain and just enjoy my poor boobs! I appreciate any advice!
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Re: Help! BR and bottoming out

Postby sarah.l » Wed Sep 18, 2013 5:33 pm

You might still find it worth it to talk to somebody else, especially somebody who specializes in breast surgery revisions.
A sentiment I've seen a lot from many other posters is that cheap revisions based only on price lead to a lot less happy customers than people who go to somebody good but expensive once and for all.
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