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Post Op and Healing with phantom nerve pain

Post Op and Healing with phantom nerve pain

Postby Sandhya60 » Thu Mar 27, 2014 11:51 am

I am now 2 weeks post op. Wish I had knew then what I knew now.
Everything is going along swimmingly.
I put this off for over 15 years, now 54.
I have phantom nerve pain, which is akin I guess to the nerve pain felt by amputee patients. Throbbing and comes out of no where.

I am determined to have it heal slowly, I am not letting that tape and glue come off, my skin is very pink and heals very slowly. I do not want any complications from skin splitting and inflammation.

Why do I really not want to have these complications? Well, I just posted on an older post regarding a women who's significant other was really turned off by the ordeal, here is the posting on that.

(If you are still in the pre-surgical decision making process, please read on to another topic. I will be updating this forum with my progressions, and so far so good, knock on wood, all is good and I am thinking positive thoughts.)
Here is the posting on the old topic posting:

First, I am glad I found this forum, and if you are still weighing in on this before getting the surgery, you may want to go to another topic.. Husbands? Way ahead of you on this one. I have been wanting a breast reduction for over 15 years. I just had mine. I am over 50, which made this whole thing physically more difficult for me than most I think.

My husband and I are past career medics. He was concerned because he viewed the surgery as barbaric, medieval and was sure I was going to have healing problems and infection, that he would have to deal with and thats why he kept saying "Forget about it, dont do it".

Lets just say, me too, I refused to look at myself till I realized the Dr. Said I would need to shower. I was kicking and screaming with myself to not look but had to buck up.
I got over the initial shock but will not show my husband until the scabs, tape and glue are worn off.

I am 2 weeks post op, and have to admit, my husband would think it was akin to seeing an autopsy victim or bride of frankenstein.

I am 2 weeks p.o. still have the tape, scabs on, and I am glad, since I heal slow, as in slllllllooooooooow. I dont want them to come off prematurely and end up with the split skin horror stories I have been seeing.

End result, My husband will not be seeing me until I am ready to show him. I really do not blame him since even though it was medically approved, it was a self determined elective surgery.

We are both older and have had our share of surgeries, but have to admit, this was the hardest physically and mentally surgery I had to do.
Pain meds? Can't take em. I wanted to die and thank goodness I spent the night in the hospital, otherwise, my husband would have had to take me to ER that night for pain. I walked the hallways in in the hospital to keep my mind off it, crying all night long.

2 week P.O. today. Glad I found this forum!
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Re: Post Op and Healing with phantom nerve pain

Postby lookyourbest » Thu Jul 10, 2014 10:45 am

Hey Sandy - yes from what I understand the nerve pain is from the nerves being trapped in scar tissue after traditional procedures. I actually heard that pain is unusual with 'scarless procedures'. Here's an explanation I found about it: http://www.hoefflinplasticsurgery.com/scarlessbreastreduction/.

Hope this helps!
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