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Weight loss before surgery, is it important

Weight loss before surgery, is it important

Postby venetianz » Mon Jan 30, 2012 2:20 am

I spoke to a few surgeons, 1 told me i have to have a bmi of 30 for him to operate, another told me 32 is fine.I need to lose between 15kg to get to 30bmi. I would love to but havent been successful. I really just want to knw, Is it really that important to have a bmi less than 30 for the operation? I am paying for myself. Im currently 90kg/198lbs. Has anyone done the op at that weight and did they regret it?
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Re: Weight loss before surgery, is it important

Postby changeeyes » Sat Feb 18, 2012 7:44 pm

You should probably lose the weight for a few reasons, regardless of who's paying and whether it's "really that important" or not.

First, doing surgery on someone heavier carries more risk. Also, since many women (I know not all) gain/lose weight in their breasts, this could also affect your final size and how much the surgeon takes out.

You didn't mention how tall you are. If you're 6'5 (I saw a gal at the mall last month who was 6'8. I only know her exact height because some dolt asked her), perhaps 198 is fine. If you're not, I'd say you need to lose some weight for general health reasons. Both my father and brother are/were in the military, all muscle, and weigh less than that (and are average or taller than average height for their gender).

Sorry if I sound harsh, but I know you'll feel better if you lose weight. For reference, my neighbor/girlfriend just tipped the scale at 204 after being in the 190s. She is 5'5. There is no way that's healthy and a surgeon won't want to assume that risk in today's sue-happy culture

I think doctors go too easy on the weight issue to avoid hurting feelings (I know this because I have several doctors and nurses in my family). You're probably 200 pounds though if you were to step on a scale, which is too heavy for a female unless you're extremely tall and/or muscular.

I also noticed you said you've "tried" to lose weight. If you have truly tried and it doesn't work, I'd seek help - first from an MD to rule out any health issues. If nothing pops up on a panel, I'd seek out Weight Watchers, Overeaters Anonymous, etc - anything safe AND sane to lose at least 10 lbs.
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Re: Weight loss before surgery, is it important

Postby Hero2012 » Fri Mar 09, 2012 9:16 pm

I think it’s very interesting,thanks for sharing.
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Re: Weight loss before surgery, is it important

Postby granger1191 » Thu Apr 12, 2012 8:04 am

Hope I'm not too late to the discussion.

I've been struggling with my weight for years as well, and was 195 lbs when I met with my surgeon, who assured me that after surgery it is typically easier to loose wieght (basically, once we loose the extra baggage). From what I can tell, it depends on the surgeon you find, but some do not care about weight because they understand that it can be difficult to drop the weight when its all on our chests. While it is important to still try to loose weight for health reasons, that is not the end all be all - keep searching for a surgeon that will help you, and good luck.
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