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Postby Lr0berts » Wed May 09, 2007 5:33 am

I too am curious as to what the motives are behind the product bashing. I really don't think anyone will just post ideas on here just "because." I believe people post questions or thoughts on here because they're interested in certain procedures. I mean, that's the idea right? Anywho, I can co sign yeauje's statement regarding Ms. G. She has been doing this for about 8 years and I have yet to hear or see a complaint on this board about her work. I know this may sound far fetched, but out of 3 potential people that I was seeking to do my augmentation, she was the only one I trusted to do my work. Honestly, I trust her judgement and the product she is using. So until someone comes out and says otherwise and can prove it, I'll be using her from here on.
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Postby mmmmmm » Thu May 10, 2007 3:33 pm

yadirah wrote:hello, I am new in this board. I have made a very extensive research on this product named Argiform and the deeper I get into the matter; the more I think there is something very strange about it. The product is supposed to be manufactured in Russia by the company Bioform and my husband who is from Ukraine and speaks Russian perfectly, called them. It was very difficult to get information from them but eventually he managed to talk to a salesperson who admitted that they do not sell the product to Venezuela and that price runs for about 30 euros per 5 cc vial wholesale price. This means that for 1000 cc the cost of the product, not including medical fees is about 6000 EUROS!!!!. that's about US$ 7,800!!!!


In American we have a company that makes a product called Kleenex Facial Tissues, which are disposable facial tissues. Many other paper companies here also make facial tissues and call them Scott Facial Tissues, or use their own brand name. However, the generic or general term used by the public for any brand of facial tissue is often 'kleenex', as in: "Do you have a spare kleenex"? Why? Perhaps Kleenex was the first company to make & sell facial tissues here?

Anyway...It seems people we have heard good things about in the Injectable Filler business may be using the names Agriform or Hydrogel or Bioform as an easier, generic way to refer to fillers they actually use. This may be being done w/ the purest of intentions in an attenpt to ease confusion duento a language or cultural barrier.

Perhaps when asked which Injectable Filler they use they mean to say, and should say: "it's a knock off of____", or "it's similar to____", or "it's the generic version of____", or "it's my own personal mixture of_____"; but in reality they say it's Agriform or Hydrogel, or in the case of The PMMA Lady/Dr/Mrs G, Bioform. Nuances get lost when translating to languages foriegn to them, so it seem's they opt for a generic term, which I had been taking to be the BrandName of the filler.

(BTW...Bioform, which we know from your posts, and other's also, is the Company that makes and has patented several Injectable Fillers, so it's use as a generic term for the substance she injects is kind of explainable in a round about way. It actuality, appears to be an informal or slang term for a mixture that work's for her.)

Yadirah...Would it be possible to ask the Salesperson at the BIOFORM COMPANY for the names of the Countries, Wholesaler's and/or Medical Doctor's to whom they DO sell Agriform???

So far they have said that they do not "sell it to Vennezuela", as stated in your post above. Did they mention where or to whom they DO sell?

Forgetting about price for the moment...let's concentrate on availability.

We'll assume that genuine Agriform made by the Russian Company BIOFORM is available in Russia, and that Russian PS's & Dr's purchase it from BIOFORM or from BIOFORM's designated Distributor or Wholesaler.

I know it's asking alot of you just for the sake of resolving this issue, however could you or your husband ask the BIOFORM Sales Rep for the name of their International Distributor or Wholesaler if he cannot tell you about International sales?

He may only know who they sell to locally with-in Russia, which could be why he didn't tell you the names of Countries they do sell to. My plan is that we check w/ BIOFORM's Distributor/Wholesaler to find out where and to whom the genuine Agriform is being sold to. Then we call/email them and step by step trace the path until we get to the names of actual Dr's who have bought genuine Agriform from BIOFORM COMPANY to use in their private practices. This way we know that at least they have acess to genuine Agriform.

Then we call/email the Dr's directly and ask about the price per cc or per 1000 cc's injected, and whatever else we want to ask them. Who knows, it may answer some questions, they may use other fillers too, and it would be interesting to hear which they prefer & why.

B/c I have made this question into a 'book' (in case we have new people so as to not confuse them), no one will read it...and sadly, I think I finally have a good idea.

Yadirah; I directed this question to you b/c you offered in one of your posts to answer questions member's might have. I know this is more of a favor I've asked of you and understand if you don't want to do this, or your husband is tired of translating for us. Thank You for your kind words.

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Postby yadirah » Thu May 10, 2007 4:07 pm

Hello ladies

I have started a new thread after a recommendation given to me by a member of this forum as threads are closed when they become too long, besides becoming difficult to follow and read.

Therefore I invite you all to continue Argiform discussion under the thread:

ARGIFORM, too expensive for most of us
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Postby Pinktea » Tue May 15, 2007 10:20 pm

perfect10 wrote:I am looking forward to all the information you are providing. As you stated to me about what belomed is using but I heard that is reversible and being that she has a reputation, website, articles, etc I have more confidence in her plus her prices are higher, i forgot what was the quote i received a few months ago but i wrote belo again to get another quote, here is her resume, what do you think?


At least if something goes wrong I know who will assume responsibility, as with all procedures there is a risk, but we must minimize our chances somehow.

I know she is not a plastic surgeon but this proceduer isn't plastic surgery either, just a procedure. I want to be sure so please provide feedback ladies :) thanks

P.S. I am also aware that although these are her businesses most likely the procedure will be performed by someone else, however its still her responsibility. I haven't heard of anyone who personally went to her yet, only those who have gone to dr. diblasi, perhaps if all goes well, I may the first :wink:

hi there! Could you please tell me how much belo quoted your hydrogel injection? I am planning of getting one, too.

Thanks! :wink:
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Postby bronteia » Tue Nov 27, 2007 11:47 pm

I had Argiform used on my face last year in Houston, TX; excellent results, no side effects, still looks great! Wonderful for deep wrinkles.
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Postby jalaortiz » Wed Nov 28, 2007 1:37 pm

Argiform is a great filler for the face, however when we're talking about the butt it's a whole different thing. The contriversy about this post was that it is impossible to get 600-800cc of pure argiform into your butt at the price that Dr. Diblasi is charging. So the question remains what exactly are they really using to fill your ass up that much? That much argiform would cause between 50 to 80 thouosand if its pure. She charges a mere 3K.
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