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Brazilian butt lift lasting?

Brazilian butt lift lasting?

Postby misscruella » Thu Feb 23, 2012 2:08 pm

I think ive asked this question before but i have another. is there any way to determine who might lose the fat after and who wont? i just dont want to pay money to get it done and then lose the fat. does it depend on the patient or the surgeons skill more?
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Re: Brazilian butt lift lasting?

Postby rednyc » Thu Feb 23, 2012 2:50 pm

Unfortunately, there is no real answer to your question. There are so many factors that come into play that it really is a hit or miss. I think the general rule of thumb is that 35% of the fat absorbs over a course of 6 months of so. A lot of ladies are posting that after 3 months you more or less have your end result, and that is just not true (you are still swelling like crazy at 3 months). I think I got my end results at about a year, but when I gain and lose weight my butt does too. Factors to consider:

- Do you have a butt to begin with. I think this is very important. When your body is used to storing fat in your butt, I think it tends to stick more. Whereas, someone like me, who stores no fat below their waist, the fat tends to absorb more.

- Are you a smoker? Smokers tend to get it the worst because tobacco restricts the amount of oxygen that your blood holds. If you lack oxygen in those fat cells, they will eventually die and absorb into your body.

- Aftercare is also very important. How often you sit on your butt will play a big role.

- Of course, your surgeon will play a key role. A knowledgeable surgeon will know where and how to place the fat to minimize absorption.

- Remember that everyone is different. We heal differently and so it really all depends on the person.

I started out with absolutely nothing so I knew right from the start that I was going for round 2, which is why I opted for a TJ surgeon because I could not see myself paying $10-15,000 in the states for something that may or may not work. And here I am, 2 years post op, and am scheduled for round 2 next month. So you should just try to be realistic with your results and know that plastic surgeons are not gods and they can only do but so much.

Hope this helps and good luck with everything!!
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Re: Brazilian butt lift lasting?

Postby Tiandra » Fri Feb 24, 2012 10:33 pm

Its been 4 months since I had a tt and bbl in the U.S and I paid $6000. The fat he put in did not absorb. My butt is not as big as I wanted so i would consider a round 2 . He only put in 500 cc each cheeck. It took time before it fluffed and it looks much better now 4 months post op.

I f you do lose weight after the transfer the weight you lose can be from your buttocks.
Also it is not good to pack on too much fat at one time because all the fat will not get the nutrients from the blood supply if too much is packed on. Sometimes it is better to have fat transfer done twice. I am reconsidering lipo next month and was thinking of doing fat transfer again but decided against it when he said I would only get 300 cc more per check. I really dont want to spend the extra money (dont have it honestly) lol
Plus I do not feel like staying off my butt for two weeks again :lol:

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Re: Brazilian butt lift lasting?

Postby MsTasty5 » Sat Feb 25, 2012 9:02 pm

I can honestly say that my results have lasted and I have gotten bigger and rounder since my last round which was May 2010.

I've had 3 total and I haven't lost a bit. It does take work. I squat, I run and I keep myself in shape. When I lose weight my butt goes down slightly, however when I pick up weight that is the first place that it goes.

I have fluctuated so much and I still have a$$. Like a previous poster said there are so many factors that go into your permanent results. You do have to do your part to maintain them.
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Re: Brazilian butt lift lasting?

Postby jbennefield79 » Thu Dec 08, 2016 7:58 am

I have a "ok" butt but could use a more rounder, bigger tush. I have never had any plastic surgery.I am planning a bbl and also a Tummy Tuck. I see alot of people having such procedures done. Though I am a full-time worker, I am just wondering can someone give me advice on how to get the money to pay for the procedures. Is there assistance to pay? Certainly, I don't have $20,000 just lying around!!!

Can someone gear me in the right direction?

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