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butt implants with 800cc in each cheek?

butt implants with 800cc in each cheek?

Postby goodbye2010 » Mon Dec 05, 2011 11:46 pm

Hello guys i have a few questions,i got my quote from dr Fuentes,well he wrote me back very quickly,well I told him I wanted butt implants and fat grafting,problem is they wanna put 800cc on each cheeks I don't want an animation booty...reason I chose implants is cause I loose weight easily in my booty so Im going for implants ...but want fat grafting to my thighs and booty also,I'm 5'9 weigh. 157. What do you guys think is it to much with implants.

Sorry guys typo LOL 800cc of fat not implants
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Re: butt implants with 800cc in each cheek?

Postby LailaStaff » Tue Dec 06, 2011 4:03 am

800cc implant's would definitely be too large and would like you said, 'give you an animation booty'. Also, you'd have to be quite large (and you're not) to pull off a booty that size. There's a reason why most doctors won't fit an implant over 500cc, because the bigger the implant, the more chance of complications. However I know their was a woman on here (can't remember the name, sorry!) who had about 700cc implants by Dr Rosas and she seems perfectly happy with them!

800cc's of fat however is not too much fat at all! Some of the fat you will lose anyway after the surgery and you might only be left with less. Most surgeons will 'stuff' your butt with more fat because according to what I've seen on here some of the fat doesn't take! Some people lose hardly any fat from their butt after the procedure but some can lose 20-40 % or more of the fat hence why they might go back for a second round. It depends on how big you want it, if you want some extra volume then 800cc's will be perfect but if you're looking for a massssssssive, video vixen booty, then you might want more but obviously it's all down to Dr Fuentes and how much fat he will take. Some doctor's are a lot less strict then others. I've spoken to doctor's who won't take more than about 800cc but then I've spoken to other doctors like Dr Cardenas, who has transferred 1300cc of fat before!

It is possible to combine fat graft and implants (some doctors will do it, some won't), you'll need to go to a doctor who's very good at implants and fat graft. Make sure you do your research!
Good luck. :D
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Re: butt implants with 800cc in each cheek?

Postby nuovo.donna » Tue Dec 06, 2011 10:23 am

I had 1.4 L grafted. I got 200 in each hip and 500 in each cheek. Hardly animation booty, in fact I'm seriously considering getting implants as a second round. It sounds like a lot but it's only about 3 pints and is spread over one of the largest areas of the body. It depends also on what you're starting with. I was very deficient in the outer butt region.

The question is what size implants does he intent to put in at the same time? That's a lot of change all at once. It's possible you'll end up with the super sized butt you are wanting to avoid. It's also possible that having that much volume put in at once will lead to greater loss of efficacy from the fg procedure because it puts a lot of extra pressure on the grafts and your body will be busy recovering from the implant dissections and might not be able to get enough circulation to the tissue grafts.

Certainly if you have concerns then doing it as a multistep process might be safer. You can always reevaluate and go back as I intend to do. The benefits of doing so are that your recovery periods will be easier, although longer since you're going twice. Also you'll know after 6 months what the results of the fg were and you can tailor the size of the implants to the image you're envisioning. However it will also be more expensive as you have to pay more for OR time and anesthesia, and you have to make two trips. That said, I don't think getting them at the same time has to be a bad thing, and people here have done it. It's just a little less controlled and predictable.
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