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dr. cerpa butt implants

Re: dr. cerpa butt implants

Postby novaleo » Tue Feb 09, 2016 5:30 pm

well girl. I really hate to tell you but I told you so.. I warned you about my bad experience with Dr Orlando Figueroa Cerpa. I wish you could have listen so you didn't have to go to the same nightmare I went..
I hope you are happy and full heal now with your body. No body should have to suffer this horror time for going to plastic Surgery. I do think that Dr Cerpa is very unprofessional in EVERY aspect and a Dr like him should not be practicing.

the first time I went to consultation to his office I remember sitting in the lobby and waiting to be my turn, he doesn't have a secretary or coordinator or anything like it, he does everything himself ( I guess to save money ) any ways I was waiting in the lobby and I remember listening two people screaming to each others about a rhinoplastic or something like that.The woman was very upset and she was also defending her daughter. I sat there and wait like for an hr listening them arguing about how unhappy they were , etc. I should have listed to that and walk away, it was a huge red flag that I choose to ignore.. Ladies listen to your instincts and look up for those red flags..

over all I am happy now with that implants Fuentes gave me, and not I didn't wait 2 years to have them re-done like Dr Cerpa said. I have them redone 5 months later, and yes my wound was still open... that never close till Fuentes fix me really..

OMG. just to think of all that night mare give me headage.

I am bless and thankful at this point of my life that I didn't loose my life while under General anesthesia for over 13 hrs for the butt implants..and all the complications that I had for moths after that..
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Re: dr. cerpa butt implants

Postby buttremoved » Tue Apr 05, 2016 9:08 pm

I just got my butt implants removed in Miami that I got put in by Dr. Cerpa. I was told by the doctor that they were breast implants instead of butt implants and they were ruptured. Please DO NOT GO TO MEXICO. DO NOT GO TO DR. CAMPO EITHER BECAUSE I HERAD HE USE BREAST IMPLANTS TOO! I experienced the same thing. I had an infection, he told me to put 500cc when I got down there he suggested 425cc. I looked ridiculous very little projection. I want not happy at all. I brought my entire family down to Mexico and stayed for three weeks. My husband and the kids left me down there for another week by myself. It costed us a lot of money. When the doctor took the implants out they were high price implant. This doctor is Mexican. He told me that they were on top of the muscle instead of under the muscle. Not to long ago I was considering go back to Mexico to get a bbl. Thank god I did not. I found Dr. Ortega in Miami at Spectrum Aesthetics. I am going to get the bbl in July. I can wait! I the fat will be my mines. He put me on a plan since he removed my implant in March. He is making me wait to get the bbl because he wants to make sure that I heal from the implants. Now if you look him up you will be very excited to see the projection will have by using your own fat. I don't want another person to go through what I went through because you might not get a second chance. The bbl is very affordable and you put $300 deposit and pay on until the day of your surgery must be paid in full.
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