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Am I A Sick Biiiiatch?? Lol

Am I A Sick Biiiiatch?? Lol

Postby Tiandra » Wed Mar 22, 2017 6:46 pm

Yes Ladies I am back! I am heading on Round 3 . Yes I know crazy right!
Dont get discouraged its not like it didnt work. My Doctor only pt 250cc per butt cheek in my big ass. I weigh 205 lbs! #-o
This was back in 2011. I had a tummy tuck then but then had these huge arms and back so i went back a few months later and had him lipo my bra and arm area. No fat transfer at that time.
This man had no vision of me and took my hips off when he did my Butt. I was square so I went back to him for a 3rd time in 2013 and had him add a little more and told him to give me a little hip. Now this is not a known doctor but one in a little town in Mississippi who now has horrible reviews on RealSelf [-X

Well I am older now with my saggy titties and I am not trying to look my age. I am going to Dr. Salama and getting a breast lift, aug and bbl.

Has anybody seen Dr. Salama here?

Ugh just seen the scar from the breast aug after i did my quote has anybody here gotten a breast aug?

Surgery date is April 12th 2017

Round 2 April 5 2013
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