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Simple instructions for staying in a hotel l Real Del rio)

Simple instructions for staying in a hotel l Real Del rio)

Postby Atld3va » Tue Jan 28, 2014 7:43 pm

This was a post I did when I was 10 months post. I edited it to say 2 years 7 months

Hi ladies,

I am 2 years 7 months post and I went to dr campos for an extended tummy tuck (ett) lipo and fg. When I traveled to TJ I stayed at the REAL DEL RIO which is no exaggerations two blocks around the corner from DR. CAMPOS' office. IF you come out of real walk to the left, at the corner make a left ..two blocks over make a left before the seven eleven and campos is on the left after the lot. ( I walked around with my husband) I had no problems. REAL DEL RIO is very clean and my room was on the 1st floor. I let room service change my sheets every other day just to ensure I had a clean environment.

Before I left for my trip I packed emergen c vitamin packs and many packs of oatmeal.
I had powder detergent for my garment (always keep ur garments clean) WASH THEM EACH TIME U BATHE..
clorox wipes to wipe the hotel room
hand sani wipes
go girl funnel and u can google that ..(I never made it to the restroom so the garbage was my friend)
Iron pills
oxycodone pills ( only took them at night) and campos pills during the day.
Maxi PADS to place around my incision and the drains

1. I traveled with my husband once again, which I always recommend traveling with someone you trust other than doing the buddy thing. (Your buddy is in pain he/she can't help you). DO NOT TRAVEL ALONE IF STAYING IN A HOTEL.

2. Before you go to the hotel ask the driver to make a supermarket stop.I stopped at a K-mart before I crossed the border. Purchase the following items A styrofoam cooler, bag of ice, case of water, and any other food items you may need.

3. Have your family member each day go to the local supermarket and restock the cooler. My husband each day went out and bought fresh fruit from a street vendor and ensure from the local pharmacy which was to the right of real del rio and around the corner.

4. I recommend everyone pay for the nurse atleast the first two days..It was only 30 dollars a day. She came, bathe me and made sure my temperature was ok, washed my garment, helped me into my other garment and tucked me in.

These are the simple things to staying in a hotel.

Also, I have been asked about my scar. I wore my stage 2 (vedette) garment for 6 months. Each time I got out of the shower, I would latter my scar (while wet because the pores are open) and massaged it with BIO OIL.

(found in Walmart).
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Re: Simple instructions for staying in a hotel l Real Del rio)

Postby Newbody14 » Mon May 25, 2015 7:34 pm

Very helpful information, thanks a lot for the update. I will be staying at the hotel with my hubby. I didn't know we could hire a nurse.. I will most certainly be doing that, now i feel more at ease!!! =D>
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