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Dr Duran Death, please stay away from her.

Dr Duran Death, please stay away from her.

Postby whyduran » Sun Sep 18, 2016 3:47 pm

proof of surgery: http://www.makemeheal.com/pictures/butt ... ran-a14943

As I sit here wondering how to begin this story, speech or whatever you want to call it…… my heart lays heavy, my blood is boiling, this grief is immeasurable and I wonder when I will ever begin to feel normal again. What even is……. normal? I mean yesterday I passed my driving test, I naturally reached for my phone to share this good news with my best friend, then I remembered the surreal truth. She’s gone. Last night I cried like a baby, I cried so much I don’t think I have any tears left to give, knowing I will never be able to hear her voice again, something inside of me just snapped.

I have mustered up the courage to finally talk about my best friend’s death, I will not let her death be in vein, I guess what I want to do is raise awareness and educate people about surgery in the Dominican Republic. For shear respect, I have omitted personal details in pictures that I post of her confirmed surgery date, and surgery journal, she deserves at least that. I have attempted to upload this review to RealSelf however because I didn't personally have the surgery, I don't think it will allow me to post.

My girl decided at the beginning of the year she wanted to have a Tummy tuck and BBL, she was interested in the work of Cabral, Molina etc, but ultimately she chose Dr Duran.
Duran Duran…..where do I begin? Alarm bells immediately rang when my girl told me she is virtually impossible to get hold of. If this “queen” who creates “duran dolls” is too busy to even answer concerns BEFORE surgery what makes you so sure she’d answer them after? If basic communication with the doctor your life is in the hands of, is impossible – shouldn’t that be a concern. But like the many other girls just blinded by her hourglass results, this was ignored.
My girl informed me she would be going to Santo Domingo in July, everything she talked about after securing the date was surgery related, at one point it became so annoying, but I could understand her excitement. She would always message me about new health regimens she adopted to ensure she was in top shape. Bless her, whenever I went over to her flat she offered me beetroot juice as a beverage lol, as she would always say “gotta get that hemo sky high”.
She always imagined how her life would change after the surgery, the attention from guys, the new found confidence, so even though I had my reservations, I couldn’t fault her happiness. You see I knew she was insecure about her body and sometimes it got the best of her so, this new side I was seeing was so refreshing.
Things weren’t so rosy a few months down the line. Fast forward to July, my girl had her surgery and was able to facetime a little while later, her nurse seemed lovely, I always saw her hovering in the background of the apartment. She told me that her tummy tuck incisions had opened, but she assured me it was fine as her nurse attended to her. After getting the final “ALL CLEAR” from Duran, she returned back to London. I stayed with her for the next week in her flat. Her tummy tuck incisions had reopened again, luckily we have the NHS in the UK so I drove her to A&E, where she was immediately attended to.
After returning the next morning she complained of body aches…. of course I was confused, in my head I just thought….well yes you did just have surgery! But she said it felt different, so I checked her temperature and it was high, so my only thought was she may have a fever. We got a same day appointment at the doctor who inspected her incisions, forming around were blisters which the doctor indicated was probably sign of infection. His theory was correct she had contracted a bacterial infection which he said was probably from CIPLA (the hospital in Dominican), maybe unsterilized utensils. He also said the incision was neat however, the skin was pulled so tight, hence why the incisions kept reopening. He was also a bit concerned about the excessive bruising a symptom of aggressive liposuction. After taking blood and prescribing antibiotics we returned home.
My baby girl was weak, so I let her sleep as I went to collect her prescription from the pharmacy, the next few days were a struggle. Seeing my girl go through the motions, she didn’t even have a chance to enjoy/admire her body, she was unable to keep even liquid foods down. She then began to complain of severe chest pain and alarm bells started ringing, none of her symptoms sounded like normal effects post surgery. Please bear in mind my girl was HEALTHY before this surgery, no previous medical illnesses & non smoker. The doctor called with results of her blood tests, when my girl explained she was experiencing severe chest pains he became concerned and wanted her to be admitted to hospital. The results of her blood test indicated she had developed superficial blood clots, these are not thought to be as severe as deep vein thrombosis, but the doctor said the results coupled with her chest pains meant she needed to be closely monitored overnight, she had been given blood thinners to prevent any further risk.
My baby wasn’t strong enough, she couldn’t fight anymore and she died overnight, I was actually mortified, overcome with grief I remember trying to shake her to wake up, nothing. After calling her brother who was her next of kin the doctor confirmed that the liposuction performed on her was so aggressive that it damaged her superficial veins, leading to a superficial clot that was able to break free and travel to the pulmonary arteries causing an embolism.
Although the cause of infection cannot be pinpointed on Duran specifically, she performed the aggressive surgery on my girl that ultimately caused her demise. I know there are “duran dolls” that are so infatuated by her results, that when someone shares something negative they are deemed a liar or painted like a criminal. Well ladies I will not run, I will not shy away, I came here not to bash cosmetic surgery but to highlight the risks. Please girls, communication with your doctor is quintessential - how can you trust someone who won’t even respond to your emails? Why the hell did Duran give my girl the ALL CLEAR after she was blistering around her incisions? What kind of …I don’t even wanna curse but I am just so mad typing this right now.
Even though I did not go on this surgery journey myself, I feel like I have lived it. I wanted to just share that you could be as healthy as possible and something still happens at the hands of your doctor. Is heavily aggressive liposuction worth the risk? All I am saying is that I don’t believe Duran cares about her patients after surgery, I understand I wasn’t in the Dominican myself but I facetimed my baby every other day, it just didn’t feel right. I just wanted to do some justice on behalf of my girl, I wanted her story to be shared. May her precious, gracious, pure, kind soul rest in perfect peace. I know we’ll see each other again soon Xx
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Re: Dr Duran Death, please stay away from her.

Postby oliviao228 » Mon Sep 19, 2016 5:26 am

Thank you for sharing, I'm sorry for your loss.
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Re: Dr Duran Death, please stay away from her.

Postby XBambiX » Thu Oct 13, 2016 4:28 am

I remember reading this on realself, so sad. I tried to take a lot into consideration when choosing my surgeon, and honestly if they won't even take the time to speak to you, that should be enough right there. They hold our life in their hands!
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