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Why choose Fuentes (Tijuana) for Fat Grafting???

Why choose Fuentes (Tijuana) for Fat Grafting???

Postby nobodysgirl » Sat Nov 04, 2006 12:15 am

I think that I want to go to Dr. Fuentes for fat grafting, but I would like to hear why some of the other ladies chose him. Was it price, experience, good results, or just his credentials?
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Postby M7808 » Sat Nov 04, 2006 6:33 pm

I have chosen Fuentes for lipo to lower back/waist/stomach and fat transfer to the butt. My surgery is next week! I wanted a doctor that specializes in buttock fat transfer. There are a lot of doctors that do the procedure, but most of them only do it a few times a year. I even went to a consult with a top doctor in my area. He specialized in fat transfer, but to the face, not the butt. He turned out to be very arrogant and I was not comfertable with him doing my procedure. He also could not provide before/after photos that I requested and when I asked him how many butt transfers he'd done he wouldn't answer the question directly. I checked out quite a few other doctors in NY and CA, but none of them really "did it" for me (judging by their responses to my emails or phone calls and by their before/after photos) The only 3 doctors that I was impressed with was Dr. Roberts in SC, Dr. Mendeitta in FL, and Fuentes in Tijuana. Dr. ROberts was way to expensive for me, though he would have been my first choice if I was a millionare, Dr. Fuentes was my 2nd choice because of his pricing (he quoted me at $2800 for everything) and his promptness with answering my many emails and because of all the posted experiences of his customers on PSJOURNEYS.com. Dr. Mendeitta would have been my 3rd choice simply because his cost was about $12000 and because his staff was kinda rude on the phone and it took them 3 weeks to respond to my email, and when they responded it wasn't a personalized response, I think they have a general response that they use for everyone's email inquiries. So that's why I chose FUentes. Sorry this is so long... but I hope it helped. Good luck to you and your research!
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Postby BonaFideDiva » Sun Nov 19, 2006 5:55 pm

I agree wth M7808 wholeheartedly. I would have loved to been able to afford Dr. Roberts, but goodness - that's all of my mercedes wish fund - PLUS more! LOL

Dr. Fuentes is certified in both Mexico and California. He can provide photos of consistent results and I have heard great things about his staff and mannerisms.

I am going to see Fuentes in mid-January. I am getting lipo of upper and lower abs, sides, and back with fat grafting to my bootay. I hope he can move over at least 700 cc's per cheek. He says that I dont have much fat...so I have been putting on a little weight. However, I mights top cause my face is getting chubby, LOL
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Postby nobodysgirl » Sun Nov 19, 2006 7:25 pm

Thanks for responding ladies. I hope your surgery went well M7808. How good is Dr Fuentes' lipo? Does anyone know?
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Postby BonaFideDiva » Mon Nov 20, 2006 8:18 pm

From what I have heard, his lipo is good. A young lady on another board had ultrasonic lipo with hima nd was very pleased. Said she wasnt really in much pain, just tender as if she worked out really hard the night before.

However, with fat grafting, Fuentes wont do ultrasonic lipo, as it kills the fat cells. He performs tumescent lipo.

On the other hand, I hear that larger women are not pleased with Fuentes for lipo because they feel that he should be more aggressive and remove more fat.
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Regarding Your Question

Postby Softskinnubian » Sat Nov 25, 2006 12:04 pm

Dr. Fuentes appears to be the best surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico who performs fat grafting. It is my understanding he is not aggressive in liposuctioning other treated areas. Fat grafting dissolves about 40% when performed by U.S. surgeons. After all the $$s I have spent to date, I wished had gone to Dr. Fuentes back in 1997--but he appears to have become quite popular within the past two years. For confirmation, please read Jade23 posts and view her 15 photos which are available in her album. Tara is also another satisfied patient.

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Re: Why choose Fuentes (Tijuana) for Fat Grafting???

Postby loveboobs » Mon Jan 21, 2013 9:26 pm

I really really want bigger boobs..Have been doing lots of research and really thinking of going to him in t.j i live in L.A so its not to far at all... wanted to get that fat transfer thing done... wonder if i get a deal if me and a friend go have it done together... hope someone can help n show me his work plz... :)
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