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Has anyone had a surgery with Dr Bryan Mendelson ?

Has anyone had a surgery with Dr Bryan Mendelson ?

Postby Kacka66 » Wed Apr 11, 2018 11:25 pm

I am a female and I am new here. I am currently undergoing an orthodontic treatment for my overbite which will be followed by a lower jaw surgery and sliding genioplasty. As this will hopefully fix my recessed small jaw and give me a chin it will mostly likely do nothing for my week maxilla and underdeveloped cheekbones. ( My facial width is okay I need more forward projection) I have consulted with a few surgeons and at this stage I am deciding between augmentation with HA granules with Bryan Mendelson or custom made implants ( have not settled on the surgeon as yet). If I was to do a surgery with Mendelson I would also get him to augment my eyebrows which are quite flat and sagging laterally. Has anyone had any experience with him ? He seems to know what he is doing with HA and the before/after pictures I saw were quite impressive ( even his practice manager I spoke to had her cheekbones augmented with HA) however I have also come across a few negative review which are quite worrying.If anyone can provide any feedback it would be much appreciated.
Thank you
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