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1st TCA patch test question

Re: 1st TCA patch test question

Postby bethwi » Mon Mar 26, 2012 1:01 pm

Today is 4th day and this AM I have sheets of skin hanging off my chin and around smile lines. I try not to keep looking in the mirror because I'm tempted to pick. The drip along my eyebrow line hasn't peeled yet but it's starting to turn reddish along with a small drip spot on my nose. Were the lines you had from drips a discoloration, burn or actual indentation line in your skin? Good thing it's not permanent but I'm wondering what to expect?

Hopefully the peeling will be done by Thursday for a dentist appt I have!

When I'm completely peeled can I go back to Retin A right away or is there a period of time to wait? And can I go right back to .10 or do you need to work your way up again?
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Re: 1st TCA patch test question

Postby AnnieBeansprout » Tue Mar 27, 2012 8:47 am

Hi Beth,

That's great on the sheets of skin peeling off. Do not pick! I know you know that, but that leaves terrible red marks that last for weeks and on some people, can scar. My red lines, I don't know if they were actual burns or not - but I guess you could call them that. From having such a thick concentration of TCA sitting there. It took weeks for them to go away, but I could cover with makeup. The one over the eyebrow finally pretty much faded away, but the cheek one was just not doing much and that's when I ordered some copper peptides after doing some reading. I started putting the CPs on the lines and they were gone within days.

Whether CPs help everybody to use in their regular routine is debatable (well, actually, I know they do NOT help everybody). But what seems to be proven is that they do help damaged skin,and that's what they were originally designed to do. So you might want to consider ordering some and also to have on hand after other peels. I actually use it within two hours of all my TCAs now, as it seems to help with the regenerating process and I have better results. I use it after the peel, then once a day, until peeling is done.

You can use the RA again once you are done peeling. You should be fine to go back to your .1 since your skin is accustomed to that. I would not use it if you have to finished peeling yet though. Don't worry about the time missed, as the TCA more than made up for that.

How are things by today? You will probably still be peeling by Thursday but not bad like now. With me, it seems I have residual peeling all along the outsides of my face for longer. What you really wouldn't want would be to be going to the dentist during that "glue/mask" phase, as opening your mouth ike that could cause it to crack, and that leaves red marks just like if you peeled the skin with your fingers.
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