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Didn’t frost after 3 layers, did after 2 more

Didn’t frost after 3 layers, did after 2 more

Postby jen1959 » Tue Apr 24, 2018 5:41 am

Hello, it’s been ages since I have been on this board!
I did my first TCA peel about a month ago, 1 layer of 25% on my forehead, 3 of 13% rest of face. Frosted both areas, amazing results. Decided to do another on my forehead today because it’s my problem area, sun damage . I did 15 %, 3 layers, stung but no frost. Thought I would Just be done. Put n the Aquaphor, but then started reading that frosting results in faster better peel, so I cleansed my forehead again, did 3 more layers 3 minutes each, got a little frosting first, more second n great 3rd. Now it looks like a 90 year olds. Is it true that frosting leads to better results? I am 58
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