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New to DIY peeling!!! so excited

New to DIY peeling!!! so excited

Postby suze42 » Wed Mar 28, 2012 8:32 pm

Im so happy I looked on this thread..Ive been over on TT forum for a few years. (Hi Anniebeansprout)
I ordered the Lunch Peel from Im-fabulous. And also a retinol cream. WOW...great prices and free shipping...love it. When it comes I am going to read the directions in detail...and then come back to ask my questions!!!
Where can i get a fanbrush?
This lunch peel is only 8pct TCA...but I think it wise that I start small. I use GCA lotion...and i did have a laser peel 3 yrs ago..I hated it...it hurt and i did not think for the money that it did much ...and at that cost I couldnt afford to follow it up w/more laser. SO...maybe this is the perfect solution! Im 47 and trying to even up my skin tone, tighten, lighten about 5 sunspots and reduce the size of my pours. Can't wait to get my product and be back here!!!
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Re: New to DIY peeling!!! so excited

Postby AnnieBeansprout » Fri Mar 30, 2012 8:00 am

Hi Suze! Wow, it is great to see you here at this part of the forum woods! ;)

I started with all this last August and felt just like you. So excited! Same age, although I am now almost 48.

I do have a fan brush, but I'll tell ya, I don't recommend them myself. Not until you are more experienced and maybe practiced with lesser peels like a lactic or something. Some people love them, but I have much more control using a gauze pad,which is what comes in the peels I order (plus I buy more at Target as I go through them fast).

I use those little plastic cups that come attached to the tops of OTC cold medicines for measuring. That size cup is perfect. I pour some of the TCA in there. I fold the gauze pad in half (I think it is like 3x3 inches or so), and dip in. Then kind of press against the side to get the extra out (very important, you don't want this dripping down your face).

Then I either keep the gauze folded or I open it up. Usually keep it folded for my face,and open it for my body peels.

I go horizontally across my face with this, holding the dry end (but using gloves still). Easy to control, and you do have to overlap a tiny bit but that's fine.

I really would recommend this way. Cotton balls work too but they absorb too much product and you end up wasting it.

Come back and let us know how it goes and any questions. Fun!! Most important, more than anything, is to have a good sunblock. Your skin will be so sensate to the sun,and you will do much more damage than help if the sun hits that skin at all. Really for months, but especially the first days/weeks.
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