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concerns about upcoming chin implant

concerns about upcoming chin implant

Postby mikeXY » Wed Mar 07, 2012 12:55 pm

Hello all, I am thinking about getting a chin implant but I am worried that I will not get a good result. More specifically I am worried that there is not enough vertical space between the bottom of my chin and the place where my bottom lip meets my gum. Does getting an implant augment only the space beyond where the lip meets the gum? (Literally just your chin?) Or does the tissue all around the chin and bottom lip area become augmented? Also, will my smile change, and if so, in what ways? Thanks in advance!
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Re: concerns about upcoming chin implant

Postby jkleinman » Thu May 17, 2012 8:51 am

I can't answer your question from experience but it seems to me from the research I've done online that chin implants definitely can have an affect on your smile. Check out some of the reviews on realself.com.

I'm also considering getting a chin implant but I'm pretty reluctant because it seems like a lot of people really aren't happy with the results they get. I wish I could hear more positive stories, lol.

I also think the results are kind of specific and individual, like you can't necessarily say exactly what it will effect with you because your own body's response to the augmentation will be different. But you might get a different answer about that from different doctors, I don't know. Again I haven't done this personally but I've been reading a lot about it.
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