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Genioplasty after chin implant

Genioplasty after chin implant

Postby maksimilijan1 » Fri Jan 20, 2012 7:11 am

Is sliding genioplasty possible after a chin implant? I had a winged type of chin implant inserted 3 months ago, and the effect is - absolutely no change - not even my closest family could tell I had anything done. It was great while I was swollen, I had a few weeks of happiness. Now it's only an enormous waste of money ($6000) and time - it's absolutely no change. I still can't believe my PS recommended a medium implant. I should probably go and ask for my money back. I did it at the same time when I did my rhinoplasty in Australia, and I was so focused on the rhinoplasty outcome that I didn't do my research properly when it comes to chin implants. I thought I had to use the opportunity (one general anesthesia) to get this done at the same time. I don't even know what type of chin implant I have, I think it's silicone. My chin still looks as weak and unprojected on profile view as always.

Anyway, I've seen some amazing, even dramatic results on these boards and elsewhere achieved with sliding genioplasty, which to me seems like a vastly cosmetically superior method of chin augmentation for men. The results never seem to be that good with implants. I think sliding genioplasty not only enhances the way men look, but it really changes them. Does anyone have experience with genioplasty after a chin implant? Is this even an option? I suppose the chin implant would have to be removed.

As a side note, a piece of advice for all men here - go as large as possible, you won't regret it. Medium size implant for a man is a joke, it's nothing at all. Take that from me - a relatively short guy with not too receded chin at all to begin with. If a medium implant didn't do anything at all for me, it won't do anything at all for 99% of men, no matter what type of implant it is. I wish I had been warned beforehand and had chosen at least an extra-large one. I'm not trying to de-value chin implants here. I'm sure there are good solutions out there. I just didn't do my research. And from all the pictures I've been looking - implants never seem to deliver the dramatic improvement genioplasty does. Maybe for a woman, but I'm not too sure of their value for a man. A large chin means so much for a man's appearance - I was so confident in the way I looked when I was swollen.
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Re: Genioplasty after chin implant

Postby Randy44 » Fri Jan 20, 2012 12:39 pm

Yea, most implants are sized for women, since women recieve 80+% of implants.

I don't share your opinion of sliding genioplasty in general.

Getting a sliding genioplasty after getting an implant is certainly possible (maybe more difficult depending on the type of implant, and regardless extra work would be involved), but why would you not just get a bigger implant? It would be like getting venners put on over crowns, possible, but irrational.
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Re: Genioplasty after chin implant

Postby jimmydj » Fri Feb 03, 2012 10:02 pm

This is not to the OP but is just to clarify for anyone reading that's considering a chin augmentation procedure of any kind.

If the jaw is seriously weak and/or malpositioned then a huge chin implant will likely look incredibly weird. For a large chin implant to look appropriate one has to have the jaw structure to support it. Randy has mentioned this before but I just wanted reiterate that point for people looking into the procedure. Make sure you don't have a jaw problem before launching into any kind of chin augmentation because plastic surgeons will slap a chin implant on anyone.
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