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One jaw is bigger than the other

One jaw is bigger than the other

Postby Jean2008 » Sun Feb 24, 2008 8:39 pm

A teenage has jaws in different size, one side seems bigger than the other side. Please anyone knows this is just a growing process. That means when you reach certain age, the other side will catch up. or a surgery must be required.

Thanks! :?:
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Postby feelingstresed » Wed Mar 26, 2008 4:33 am

If you are around 18, i would say that you're probably done growing and have jaw asymmetry. If one side is a lot larger than the other, the probablity is that's the way it is. You can thank genetics for that one.

If this really bothers you, have your parents take you to an orthodontist. There you can figure out if you're still growing and if maybe (although unlikely) the other side is just catching up. This is accomplished by getting an x-ray done of your jaw, and then another one 6 months later. Your orthodontist will compare xrays and measure down to the itty bittiest change and tell you if you're still growing or not.

If you are thinking about surgery, you should know that doctors won't perform any surgeries until you are done growing, so you'll have to get the xrays done anyway. In the meantime, braces might help (and they're required for surgery).
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