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Planning Facial Surgery Seeking Advice

Planning Facial Surgery Seeking Advice

Postby Greensbr » Mon Sep 11, 2017 8:49 pm

Hello everyone.

I have an upcoming opportunity to travel to South Korea to get cosmetic surgery. While I was seeking Rhinoplasty, I came to realize that I could also benefit greatly from facial surgery procedures.

Because Rhinoplasty surgery is cheap in South Korea (as well as all cosmetic surgery in general) I will have money left over to spend on one or more facial procedures

On this forum have read about operations involving:
-Lefort I, II, and III. (and modified versions of these procedures which realign the mid-face)
-Orbital Rim (lower and outer eye socket surgery), Zygotmatic Cheek Bone (from the eyes to the ears) modifications and implants.
I was hoping you could judge me and give me feedback. I have a very "fleshy" German, squarish face and head shape. Often I need lots of hair to make my head look round, but I would like to look better if I were without it. More Jason Statham essentially.

My face has the potential to be made more attractive, but I need an objective opinion. Assuming that money is no object, what are some of the possibilities you’d recommend? I can narrow down to what’s "essential" later, I just want to hear some theories/”looksmaxing”.

If any surgeons, or anyone with experience getting surgery could weigh in, that would be helpful.

Thank you!

My Face (from multiple angles, plus at the time I had a generous amount of hair, and just a tiny bit of extra bodyfat):
https://www.picoolio.net/image/I2kc (Side View)
https://www.picoolio.net/image/I2kt (Side View)
https://www.picoolio.net/image/I2k7 (Side View)
https://www.picoolio.net/image/I2kK (Side View)
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