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sliding genioplasty regrets, reversal?

sliding genioplasty regrets, reversal?

Postby happy_dancer » Mon Apr 09, 2018 11:30 pm

Hi everyone i got double jaw surgery plus sliding genioplasty recently over winter break (3.5 months/15.5 wks ago) to correct my underbite. at the time we planned the DJS, my surgeon added SG about a month pre-op and i asked if we could not do the it but he said it would be better to do it (helps breathing n "better" profile) and now i regret it so much, i'm happy my bite is good now but i hate my chin so much and it juts out a lot. i don't think i'm breathing any differently from before. i had no snoring, breathing problems before, whatsoever. i had a slightly "weak" chin but i thought it was completely normal before. it did have a bit of fat/tissue(?) behind the chin before and was kinda round if you look at the side profile but i had a perfectly oval face before and now its squarish with the chin jutting out. side profile wise, it looks better than before since my chin isn't weak anymore but when i smile u can see a small witch's chin. there's also step-off on both sides of the chin, u can tell from the front when smiling. my lower jaw was moved back 2.94 mm and chin 2.20mm forward. not sure how much upper jaw moved forward though. please keep in mind i'm petite, 5'2, 106 lbs and i have a small face so this is frankly, quite disastrous looking on my face. I hate it so much. back in january, i thought it would look better after swelling goes down, but i hate it even more now. i know i'm exaggerating it a bit, but i'm really depressed over this. i didn't realize how much i loved my chin before this.

my surgeon told me i could wait for nerve to heal a little more before doing anything but i cant even stand dancing on stage or at practice now cuz of how conscious I am of it. makeup doesn't help and i pull my chin in to make it not obvious but i'm so tired of it and i still look bad. my chin juts out in all my performance videos and i don't think i look like how i did before. he said if we moved it back to original spot, it would be "more weak" of a chin than before surgery due to bone loss from recutting/ repositioning it again. i also have the risk of soft tissue gathering behind chin/around neck area since the chin is moved backwards, so idk what to do now. i guessing my surgeon is just telling me my chin will never look like before again even if we do a reversal and theres also a chance of a excess soft tissue/double chin :( then theres also the risk of permanent numbness, infection, etc on top of that. i was really lucky to have recovered fast the and thankfully theres no permanent numbness at all, just a tight feeling in my chin right now, so i'm really worried about how i'll heal next time. hopefully i'll be lucky enough to not get any nerve damage/permanent numbness, but with these things, u never know.

currently an 18 yr old high school senior and super stressed out over this, i don't even know if i will have time to fix this after graduation because i'm studying abroad like 2 weeks after graduation, then going on vacation with my fam in late august then off to college. i really don't want to have this chin for the rest of my life and its kind of ruining my life right now...

i was wondering if anyone on here who got SG didn't like the result and got it fixed?? please let me know if you've have a similar experience and what you did!!! sorry i wrote so much!
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