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Would facial hair be enough to hide my abnormally small jaw?

Would facial hair be enough to hide my abnormally small jaw?

Postby iwishiwere » Sun Apr 24, 2011 12:01 pm

I really do not wish to get implants. I am a young guy in college and my jaw is small in all directions, so in short, when I meet women, I am classified into the nerd category no matter what I do. I have considered growing some facial hair to add more width to my face, but I dont know how many MM facial hair can add to the face. I also dont want to look like a freak either, I want to look young, but with a bigger jaw at least to the normal level. I think I am around 10-15 mm width deficent in terms of jaw width. I have a very long face. Can you guys give me some tips, maybe some links of the appropiate facial hair that could work for me? I do not think a simple goatee will be enough. I need an all around beard especially on the sides of my face and at the angles. I was thinking something like this:

http://assets.news4uonline.com/images/a ... angsta.jpg


http://newhairstylegallery.com/wp-conte ... l-Hair.jpg

But I dont know how many MM those beards are, I really do not wish to look like this:

http://www.hairstylesvibe.com/wp-conten ... emoval.jpg

Thanks guys, any tips would be needed.
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Re: Would facial hair be enough to hide my abnormally small jaw?

Postby Randy44 » Sun Apr 24, 2011 5:53 pm

Why don't you just start growing the beard and find out for yourself? My guess would be that examples 1 and 2 would only give a 25% improvement, equivalent to about 3mm per side. But I can't say for certain as every beard I have ever grown has ended up looking goofy due to mixed coloring, or lack of color, and it is almost impossible to color a short beard.

Something that is obvious to me only in hindsight... Before the implants, when I had the small jaw, I used to attract Asian and bisexual women. But I wasn't attracted to Asian or bisexual. Had I understood at the time that Asian and bisexual women were attracted to men with weak jawlines, then I may have been able to rationalize an attraction to Asian or bisexual women and sought them out.
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Re: Would facial hair be enough to hide my abnormally small jaw?

Postby jimmy7 » Tue Apr 26, 2011 2:10 am

Yeah, give it a shot :). Skip the 'gangsta' one though perhaps. Also don't expect it to add the actual 'width' measurement-wise. What it could do instead is give that added masculinity (for want of a better word) that you sound like you're after.

I personally feel lost without my long stubble. It doesn't exactly hide anything but can disguise stuff and help push your face into a more 'rugged' territory.
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