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bonding and whitening

All about cosmetic dentistry, veneers, tooth whitening, crowns, bonding, bridges, orthodontics, and more.

bonding and whitening

Postby Bandersnatch » Mon Jul 21, 2008 1:29 am

I had braces as a child, but did not wear my retainer as consistently as a should have (d'oh!), leaving me with slightly crooked teeth. I definitely don't need a full set of veneers. I think my teeth would be perfect with maybe one bonding and one veneer. My question is, would it be impossible to match the color of my real teeth? What about maintenance? If I get bonding, I'd obviously whiten my teeth first. But then what about when my real teeth start to yellow again? How often will I need to get my teeth whitened so that my dental work isn't obviously a different color? Maybe it's worth getting full veneers just so everything matches...

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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Re: bonding and whitening

Postby Claudia.C » Fri Nov 05, 2010 4:11 pm

Hello Bandersnatch!

1) My question is, would it be impossible to match the color of my real teeth?
Skilled cosmetic Dentists and dental ceramists can match your teeth to new restorations or bonding material no problem. There are a few of us out there that can have some really polychromatic shades that can be difficult to match but there are labs that offer custom color matching services and actually map out the color of your teeth to help in fabrication of veneers/crowns. With bonding the dentist will usually have a set of shade tabs that they will hold next to your teeth to match and ask for your feedback on the colors they are thinking about.

Please make sure you agree to a color chosen whether it is bonding or veneers BEFOREHAND!

2)What about maintenance?

Maintenance of the bonding? Veneers? Whenever you have dental work done you will generally follow the same aftercare as you would normally. Brushing at least 2x day, and daily flossing. Because bonding has some porosity to it, it can eventually pickup on stains from sodas, teas, coffees, or wines easily. This is why its important to rinse afterwards or chew gum to get saliva flowing. Veneers that are made out of feldspathic porcelain will not stain with food as they lack the porosity like composite (bonding material) or natural tooth structure. You can keep up the whitened look of your teeth with every other year touch ups if you choose (in the office) or at home kits provided by the dentist or crest white strips. I generally recommend in office whitening first (So that you are monitored by the Dentist) and then follow up with at home kits when you see them dull. It will be important to do this because with time passing your natural teeth can/will darken but porcelain veneers wont . Please check with your dentist on bleaching/whitening as you want to make sure your teeth are in sound condition before starting because if you have a cavity it will HURT alot when the bleaching material gets in there.

3) Maybe it's worth getting full veneers just so everything matches...
Maybe....but by having a consultation with a trained cosmetic dentist you can find out all the possibilities you have open to you. Some people can get away with just some bonding or crown lengthening. Others MUST have full coverage crowns because the angle of the tooth will not allow enough tooth structure to be prepared. Its really is a case by case basis and your dentist is simply going to know the best. Don't assume you need a full set of veneers before walking in the door. Ask what your options are. Bring pictures to your dentist of what you hope to accomplish. You want to make sure that your dentist understands what you are hoping before before setting a drill to a tooth, ya know? Not to mention that cosmetic dentistry does cost a pretty penny and you want to make sure its done correctly the first time.

I would love to help you out if you have any other questions! Please feel free to email me or call me direct and I can get you in touch with some awesome people! :D
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