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cosmetic dentistry, braces and facial symmetry

All about cosmetic dentistry, veneers, tooth whitening, crowns, bonding, bridges, orthodontics, and more.

cosmetic dentistry, braces and facial symmetry

Postby palmtreeblonde21 » Thu Jul 29, 2010 8:43 pm

Hi there! =)

I'm sorry in advanced for such a long post, but I have a lot of questions that I am struggling to find answers to.

1.) In general, is there anything that I can do to improve the symmetry, balance and photogenic-ness of my face?
Are there any surgeries? How about hairstyles or makeup tricks that can help?

2.) Will braces help make my face more symmetrical (when I am done being treated, of course!) ?

3.) Has anyone here ever heard of or tried face lift dentistry or anything similar?
I provided a link below, in case you wanted to see what I am talking about.
The results look fantastic! What is this exactly and how does it work? Is it worth it?
This is the link: http://www.faceliftdentistry.com/

4.) Finally, is there a way that I can get the kind of surgery listed above without the veneers?
And, if not, can I have veneers and braces at the same time?

In case you guys needed to know, I am 18 and I had braces when I was younger - but I had them taken off early, and now my teeth are worse than ever!
I have a problem with asymmetry in my face. It's only a little bit noticeable in person, but it's pretty bad in photographs.
I want to correct this problem really badly, and I am willing to do almost anything!

I am not too comfortable posting photos online, so sorry about that.

=) Thank you all in advanced though!
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Re: cosmetic dentistry, braces and facial symmetry

Postby Claudia.C » Thu Sep 30, 2010 7:34 pm

hey Girl!

Did you ever look into the work you were thinking about? I saw a couple of your questions and thought maybe I could help.

Will braces help symmetry in your face? Hmmmm... braces can help create symmetry in your smile by lining up the teeth in their proper position making the appearance of a more symmetrical face. They can line up the interproximals between your centrals ( your two front teeth) with the mid-line of your face. Orthodontics can also help with protruding under bites or overbites, but if one eye is lower than the other it isn't going to help with something like that.

Face Lift Dentistry? I don't think would be an option for you, as Face lift dentistry address people who need a more youthful look in their face by adding vertical dimension to their smile. meaning as you get older, you may grind your teeth more and more causing you to bite differently and having your face "sink" a little. If you are 18, you are NOT in this category. Think people who are much older than you who need a boost. They can do this with crown lengthening using composite material, or by using restorations such as veneers or crowns.

Face lift dentistry without the dentistry? Hmm, thats just a face lift then, right?

Braces with Veneers? I would not recommend this. Veneers are bonded or cemented to your natural teeth. When you have braces there is tension that is being constantly forced on the tooth. Usually a dentist will recommend a orthodontic treatment before proceeding with veneers, but can also offer you "instant orthodontics". Instant Orthodontics is when people don't want to wait for braces and want to go straight to the restorations. This doesn't mean anyone can do it, the doctor has to make sure that if they do this they are able to remove enough tooth structure to even all the teeth out. If they cant you'll just end up with bigger bulkier teeth that aren't as pretty.

I do hope this helps, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me! :D

In the meantime, maybe find some makeup & hair tips on line or videos that address that specifically....im sure if you check out a place that people post their own videos you will find what you need.
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