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What colour veneer to choose

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What colour veneer to choose

Postby sammy001 » Fri Feb 08, 2008 5:53 am

Last week I had 10 upper cerec (milled by a special machine by the dentist and fitted same day) veneers. As the dentist made the veneers on the day I had them cemented I didn't wear temporaries so didn't get to go home & 'assess' them before they were permanently fitted. I wanted the teeth hollywood white (shade OM1) but the dentist talked me out of it saying that this would look too fake & be far too white & wouldn't match the whites of my eyes & woudn't suit me as I am in my thirties. So I went for a shade below the OM1 which is 1M1. He did hold up an example of a veneer this white next to my normal teeth & it did seem quite white to me.

After the veneers were cemented & I got to see them all together (as opposed to holding one veneer near my actual tooth) I was ok with them..perhaps this had something to do with the lights in the surgery..but when I got home I was a bit disappointed as was expecting something more dramatic. The quality of the veneers is excellent. ..they look extremely natural, feel like my own teeth, I have no pain and they are 100% better than before but I can't help wondering whether they'd look better the OM1 ('hollywood') shade white. Don't get me wrong they are white and much whiter than my dull teeth before.

I also would have liked for teeth to be bigger, wider, thicker as I have a small mouth & battle to show much teeth when smiling, but the dentist said this was not possible as he could only work with what I had & he had made them as big & wide as possible.

On my follow up appointment a week later the dentist said he could replace them with the OM1 veneers & wouldn't damage my teeth as he had taken very little natural tooth off. But again in his opionion he said they would be too white.
He couldn't however make them any bigger or wider.

I have made appointment to have them redone in 2 weeks but am now not sure..I am actually getting used to these veneers & it would be a shame to undo all this work & there's no guarantee that the new ones would be better.

OM1 versus 1M1.
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Re: What colour veneer to choose

Postby RiaJohanna » Wed Mar 17, 2010 8:12 am

Hi, how did you decide finally. No, that so much time has gone by: How are you liking your veneers?
How much of tooth substance did they need to remove for your veneers.
I scheduled an appointment in april for at least an appointment to decide weather I am going for Cerec 3D veneers or not.
Are they looking natural (translucency, lower part lighter, upper part a little bit yellowish etc.)?
Thanks for sharing your experience.
PS> I have seen on one website that there is a shade between your two shades. (One of the vita shade guides - but maybe this was a guide for bleaching)
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Re: What colour veneer to choose

Postby pennylane1284 » Mon Jul 05, 2010 7:27 pm

Isn't the dentist supposed to match the shade of your veneers to your other teeth?
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Re: What colour veneer to choose

Postby chloe12 » Sun Jul 11, 2010 8:34 pm

I had 8 upper and 4 lower veneers placed about 6 months ago. I chose the next shade up from the lightest. After my choice, I, too, was told my my dentist that the whitest shade would not be his recommendation, so he was pleased with my decision. After they were placed, the veneers were not nearly as light as I recall the sample color appearing. I was told by the assistant that the adhesive that is used could be the reason the veneers don't appear as light. The veneers look very natural, in my opinion, too natural. Although they are whiter than my own teeth, they are probably only one shade whiter. And for someone who is 59 years old and has not whitened my teeth, that is not the improvement I was hoping for. I think that cosmetic dentistry is striving for a natural looking smile, not the "Hollywood" look. I wanted the perfect looking smile, with even/white teeth. My disappointment is spending an extravagant amount of money for what I perceive as no significant improvement. I would recommend that someone considering veneers asks the question of how the color might change once the veneers are applied.
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Re: What colour veneer to choose

Postby Claudia.C » Thu Sep 30, 2010 7:17 pm

Its a good recommendation to listen to your dentist's suggestions when picking a color for restorations, such as veneers.

Your doctor could very well be correct in the fact that OM1 could be a very bright color for you. Sometimes if the color is too bright, the veneers will end up looking fake anyways and they end up getting cut off and re done. I have spent several years in the lab business and seen this done over and over again where patients convince their Dentists to do a color that wasnt recommended and they end up hating it. You should be happy with the color thats picked, but remember they are trained to do this stuff! :wink:

You also have to account for the material they are choosing for the veneers: is it feldspathic porcelain, pressed, composites, milled zirconia. Each material can look great when assigned to the correct case. I myself choose feldspathic porcelain when it comes to veneers because it seems to have produced the most realistic natural looking veneers Ive seen. They are able to layer colors within the porcelain just like your natural teeth are in real life. No ones teeth is exactly one color from left to right, top to bottom.

perhaps you should suggest to your dentist to do a custom shade matching with the laboratory he is using. Some labs offer this service to help with tricky colors and difficult cases. da Vinci lab offers custom shade matching, as well as custom finishing services for local Dentists ( not sure where you live) but everyone loves it. The doctors are happy because they have a experienced ceramic technician who understands colors helping to map out the colors of your teeth.

oh yea,,,,and when the doctor is placing the veneers make sure to do a "try-in" first. They should be able to place the veneers in your mouth careful with just a try-in paste or water so you can see what it will look like before cementing them in. Also check before cementing! ALWAYS!!!!

I hope you end up with the smile youve dreamed of....its soo nice to see when people get the smile they want and get to show it off! :D

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