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Hair Color Without PPD (That's Not Henna)

Regular cosmetics and permanent make up

Re: Hair Color Without PPD (That's Not Henna)

Postby Alex75 » Sun Apr 08, 2012 10:38 am

Hi !

This is a very difficult problem.

Though I'm not allergic, I felt uncomfort for 3-4 days after color.

I searched everywhere for a natural efficient coloration but I couldn't find one.
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Re: Hair Color Without PPD (That's Not Henna)

Postby Charlie88 » Mon Apr 09, 2012 11:14 pm

Hi All,

I actually was browsing the net searching for alternatives since I had been struggling with this issue for many years and stumbled onto this post. I have a product that works for many people although I am still allergic to it. I had the worst problem since I am allergic to 4 other chemicals in most hair dyes on top of being seriously allergic to PPD. After struggling for years I was told to try Aveda all natural products so I went to an Aveda Salon to do a consult and did a patch test for 48 hours, had no reaction and went back for coloring happy as can be. Unfortunately the end result put me at emergency visit with dematologist and me almost near death, head totally blistering and delusional. I found out later that the patch test product was not the same product, and there are actually no permanent dye product without PPD either!

So after many years of using Loving Care later and getting super fed up with the non stop coloring I searched all over and found Sanotint. It is still the best one so far, permanant and no PPD. I am still allergic to other chemicals in Sanotint but when I tried it it lasted and my allergic reaction was bearable. I still will not use it since the allergic reactions I have caused my hair to fall out, I rather be gray than no hair!!! But for all of you go ahead and try it. I am still using Beautiful (the current version of Loving Care) and am very upset scientists haven't come up with any solution for me :( Any tips please share!
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Re: Hair Color Without PPD (That's Not Henna)

Postby Morganamars » Tue Apr 17, 2012 4:26 pm

My 2 cents about ppd and hair colour. PPD is actually coal tar. I too have a ppd allergy.I found a product that was great and that has since been discontinued, L'oreal color pulse mousse. It was in vibrant colours but worked on my brown hair just giving me a touch of red. It was semi-permanant. When I learned they were discontinuing it I ran around buying up what I could. I am now out of it and am using that awful Fanciful Roux that leaves stains on your pillowcase and makes your comb grungy. And you can also buy the touch up crayon at Shopper's drug mart (I'm in Canada) and a touch up mascara for hair at the dollar store which works for roots.The thing with the ppd reaction is the mixing of the 2 chemicals and it's exposure to oxygen. If you buy anything with 2 bottles that you have to mix, you'll have a problem. I think people should start emailing these companies and complaining. It worked for people with nut allergies when Nestles were going to change their processing procedures in their factory. Enough people complained and they kept a separate nut-free factory for their chocolate bars.
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Re: Hair Color Without PPD (That's Not Henna)

Postby Alex75 » Sat Apr 28, 2012 10:10 am

Hi !

I made new tests with 3 non permanent dyes and 4 permanent (with more or less PPD), bought in organic stores.

Though I'm not allergic, I've always felt uncomfort and irritation during a few days after each dye.

It appears that all non permanent dyes tested do not color enough. :( :( :( It's a pity because many are very natural and gentle.

So I tried on my skin and parts of the scalp several permanent dyes I had not tested before : Tints of nature, Naturtint, Sanotint and Beliflor.

In my opinion, Beliflor covers grey very well, and is the less aggressive to the scalp. It has a small amount of ppd and other chemicals, but as low as possible.

The first time I used it, I had a minor reaction the 2 days after due to the fact I kept it too long (30 min, instead of 10 - 15 min since it's not the first dye on my hair). So I applied during 4 hours a soothing mask made of yogurt and colza oil, and after it was ok.

The second time I just kept it 15 min, and the color was ok even near the scalp, with extremely little scalp irritation during less than 1 day.

With a soothing mask made of yogurt and colza oil after dying, the irritation is hardly perceptible, in my case.

Considering other dyes I noticed I had scalp reactions with permanent dyes containing toluene (unfortunalely most dyes contain toluene, under various forms : p-toluenediamine sulfate, toluene-2.5 diamine sulfate, 4-amino-2-hydroxytoluene, ...).
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Re: Hair Color Without PPD (That's Not Henna)

Postby Verena » Sat May 19, 2012 1:23 pm

I have not had time to read all the post you have recieved but I work for a company based in Houston Texas (FAROUK SYSTEMS).
They are the makers of the CHI irons. Recently they reformulated their haircolor and removed the PPD. It is also one of the first ammonia free haircolors too. I was researching PPD and it's effects, when I came across your post. This haircolor is available in professional salons and may be the answer to your problem. This company is one of the few companies that has a focus on environmentally safe products. You can research the company on their website. Farouk.com. Hope this can help.
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Re: Hair Color Without PPD (That's Not Henna)

Postby strandz » Mon Nov 12, 2012 12:52 pm

Allergic to PPD? Hennas is not the answer... Most Hennas now have metallic properties in them and can cause damage to scalp and hair. There are PPD free hair colors on the market and I have worked with many of them ..one company is Kemon it has a PPD free permanent color as well as a semi permanent color with a yogurt base called YO. Sometimes with ultra sensitive clients even the colors that claim "Organic" or "PPD Free" have replacement chemicals in them that will still spark a reaction. I have over 30 years experience as a professional and board Certified Hair colorist and I would highly recommend a patch test before EVERY Color service, you can build a sensitivity into a full allergic reaction very quickly.
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Re: Hair Color Without PPD (That's Not Henna)

Postby BabsD » Tue Jan 08, 2013 11:05 am

THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I was SO happy to find this message board about hair color without PPD's. I have been progressively getting worse reactions to hair color (thinking it may have somthing to do with menapause) for the past few years. I did some research about allergic reactions to colors & found out it probably was the PPD. I did try a John Frieda color, but it was foam & that was a joke - really? My haircolorist hasn't been too helpful in trying to find a product I can use - so this forum has been great. I've gotten some good tips & will try some of the brands mentioned. I'll keep checking back to see if anybody else has come across other products. I'm not going down without a fight!
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Re: Hair Color Without PPD (That's Not Henna)

Postby LoriLD » Thu Feb 07, 2013 5:01 pm


Thank you Laura for mentioning Cosamo. I've been searching this same thing and used henna but used with indigo for a brown color and had an allergic reaction to the indigo (migraine headache for 2 days and had a panic attack right after use). PPD's and TDS both make me lose skin pigment (vitiligo) each time I used herbatint for the past year to touch up my roots. I used the henna a week ago since I realized the detriment to my health from using permanent haircolor for 3 years and ending with the less harsh herbatint which still caused severe scalp soreness, pimple type sores on my scalp, and my vitiligo to act up.

TDS is supposedly twice as toxic as PPD and it's nice to see this color does not contain PPD or TDS (Toluene-2,5-Diamine Sulfate).

Here's the ingredients list for Cosamo Loving Your Color:


Does anyone see any problem ingredients here? Suppose I should google each one and do research. Thanks Laura again for a testimonial that this color works well. I will try dying my roots with it. Does it go on darker than the box color?

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Re: Hair Color Without PPD (That's Not Henna)

Postby carson2m » Tue Feb 19, 2013 3:33 pm

Having a hair dye allergy, I was happy to find this site and appreciate all the recommendations. While I have not had a chance to test all of them yet, I did recently try the Chi Ionic Permanent Shine Hair color which if free of PPD. Sadly, I had a horrible reaction to the test patches. I have not had a chance yet to read the full ingredient list as my hair sylist has the product but I can only assume it contains PTD which is mentioned in the previous post. Based on this study ( http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21781634) I thought it was worth trying a product containing PTD in hopes I was not sensitive to it as well. Unfortunately, it is pretty clear I am.

I also purchased some John Freida hair color but had not had a chance to do the test patch. It contains PTD so I will be returning it promptly. What I did find interesting was that on the box it has very explicit warnings about allergies and sensitivities to hair dyes after temporary henna tattoos (which is the cause of my problems). This is the first real acknowledgement that I have seen on a product of the effects/consequences of these tattoos. I tell everyone I know to avoid them and to pass on to anyone that might consider one.

Regarding other products mentioned, I have tried Elumen by Goldwell and was able to use that without any problems. But my stylist lost her source of supply several years ago. I do recall it was pretty time intensive with multiple steps, but it did provide a nice color that was more resistant to fading than what I'm currently using.
The last several products I have used are just semi-permanent/glazes. We do some highlights before to help the dye attach better to the hair. They do tend to bleed and stain pillowcases and towels so not much better than Fanci-ful in that regard. They also fade within 2-3 weeks even though I only wash my hair once or twice a week. But, they provide about 50% coverage of the grays so it's better than nothing.

My reactions to PPD and PTD have been pretty severe and the worst required months of steroids. I hate that others are similarly suffering from horrible reactions to all these chemicals. But I'm hoping that with more people developing allergies and sensitivities that research will be done to find alternative permanent hair dyes. Until then, I'll keep trying your recommendations once I fully recover from my current patch test.
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