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I want longer eyelashes

Regular cosmetics and permanent make up

I want longer eyelashes

Postby nocgirl » Mon Mar 23, 2009 7:18 pm

I have been researching getting eyelash extensions but now I'm wondering if I should try something like Lilash. Does it really work? My lashes are short and brittle and I hate them. I rarely wear eye makeup because I do not want to lose any more eye lashes. It is expensive. Worth it? Where can I buy it for the best deal?

What are the thoughts on revitalash? How about Latisse? Is Latisse covered by insurance or no? I was just at the DR today and bummed I did not know about it until now.

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Postby chicnyc » Sat Mar 28, 2009 8:05 am

I have been using Latisse and no it's not covered by insurance. Noticed growth right after 3rd week and at 6 weeks I had a person comment if I was wearing eyelash extensions. Now at 7 weeks I definitely have the longest lashes in my lifetime (very flirty outerlashes) & I love applying my mascara to them. I had red eyes the first week which went away by the 2nd wk. I also prefer to use my own eyeliner brush to apply the product. I tried eyelash extensions and didn't care for them but my own eyelashes on Latisse look a 100% better than the extensions.

One more thing I used to try to avoid mascara since my eyelashes were thin and like you I didn't want to lose any eyelashes. Well since using Latisse my eyelashes are thicker & stronger and I am piling on the Lancome mascara now (lol) with no breakage. I no longer use an eyelash curler since the length increased with a wonderful upward curl.

Good luck.
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Postby luvmycats » Sat Mar 28, 2009 11:29 am

Chicnyc, I am happy to hear that "Latisse" is working great for you! I have been wanting to purchase it, but was waiting to hear some reviews on it first. My doctors office carries it, and gave me a coupon for 20% off. I think they said it was $120.00? There is an article in Aprils edition of "Marie Claire" about the product. I have heard people say that they did not like the applicators that come with it. I was wondering what happens when you get to the length of where you want your lashes to be? Do you stop using the product? and do they stay that length? Thanks Chic!
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Postby chicnyc » Sun Mar 29, 2009 7:12 am

Yes it retails about $120. My Doctor said when you get to the desired length you can switch to a maintenance routine and for some people that may mean 2 to 3x's per wk or in others 4 to 5x's per week. If you stop using the product your eyelashes return to their original length. If you switch to a dose to maintain than they stay that desired length.

BTW, a girl posted on youtube her 6wk Latisse update which pretty much show's how long & curled upward they get by just applying mascara. Her eyes are red b/c she had Lasik but I think it show's the "wow" factor at 6wks and she still has 10wks of growth to go.

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Postby luvmycats » Mon Mar 30, 2009 3:11 pm

Hi Chic, Thanks for sharing about the video. Wow, they looked great! They probably would have looked even better if she would have used a really nice mascara. (The dog barking in the background was funny!). You mentioned that when you stop using the product, the lashes go back to their length? Crazy Question, but do they break off? How do they go back to their regular length? Sorry for the questions. Thanks Chic!!!
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Postby chicnyc » Mon Mar 30, 2009 6:14 pm

Valid concern, I asked my Derm Doc if I stopped using Latisse completely would I wake up like Cinderella and have bald eyelids one morning..:-) He explained the return is gradual meaning once you stop completely they shed. They return to a normal growth cycle and each eyelash sheds itself one by one over a 4 to 8 week period. The new eyelashes would just be shorter but since it's gradual its nothing anyone would notice as being odd looking. HTH.
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Postby luvmycats » Thu Apr 02, 2009 4:41 am

Thanks "Chic"!
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Re: I want longer eyelashes

Postby jessica.c » Wed Oct 21, 2009 3:52 pm

Hello nocgirl,

We here at Make Me Heal have some excellent products for eyelash treatment. Below I have placed a link to our eyelash treatment section of our website. Lashes have become the hot new way to treat yourself to an excellent spa-like experience. It can be just that subtle change that you need to get noticed and stand out!

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We carry Latisse, Revitalash, Talika, Lilash and many more.

The LA Times just did a recent article about the eyelash craze. Check it out here:
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