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Warm vs. Cool - help

Regular cosmetics and permanent make up

Warm vs. Cool - help

Postby mymarley » Thu Oct 26, 2006 2:39 pm

I hear so much about warm vs. cool skin tones and how most people are one or the other. One skincare specialist told me that I was a "cool" and another told me that I was a "warm." :? What do they base this on? Is there a way for me to figure this out myself? I want to get some makeup (and clothes) that compliment me but with all of the conflicting information I don't buy anything because I don't want to make the wrong decision. Help!
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Postby somegirl » Fri Oct 27, 2006 3:49 pm

I think some people actually have tendancies of both warm and cool...I read about this somewhere. I believe I am like that, too. I am probably slightly more cool than warm, for the most part...but it's a tough call.
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Postby tonya_leigh73 » Mon Oct 20, 2008 9:52 am

Cool or warm is based on the undertone of your skin - look at the underside of your arm. If your veins appear bluish you are cool toned, if they appear greenish you are warm toned.

You can never go wrong with neutrals!
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Postby somegirl » Mon Oct 20, 2008 10:40 am

Mine look sort of blue-green...turquoise-ish. I can't decide if they look more blue or green. Probably a little more blue...hmm.
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Postby luvmycats » Mon Oct 20, 2008 3:45 pm

when the girls at the make-up counters tell me what skin tone I have, they look at my face not my arms?
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Postby Barbiewannabee » Fri Jan 02, 2009 6:53 am

tonya_leigh73 wrote:Cool or warm is based on the undertone of your skin - look at the underside of your arm. If your veins appear bluish you are cool toned, if they appear greenish you are warm toned.

You can never go wrong with neutrals!

This makes sense to me, I was always told I was fall, yes cooler tones looked better on me;-) my veins are blue.

Somegirl, at first I couldn't tell, blue, green, I called my sister "They're blue" OK, thank you;-) I felt like "Who are you going to believe me or your lying eyes;-)"
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Re: Warm vs. Cool - help

Postby donnamee » Tue May 17, 2011 3:32 am

I answered the very same question on a different messageboard recently so I will cut and post my detailed answer.

Based on the images in your profile (the model that asked the question) You're skin tone is warm. Therefore the best wardrobe colors for you are cool. Because opposite colors enhance your skin's complexion the most. Whether you are olive, yellow or whatever is hard to say with various types of lighting and tweaking in photo shop. But you look as if you are very tan in one pic, (although it could have been makeup, self tanner or photo editing too) but if you tan quickly and easily, than you are probably olive (yellow/green), if you do get tan but not super quick and easily, you could be yellow. If you burn but can build a tan you are closer to what I call warm peach. If you burn all the time no matter what, that sucks but you are more of a cool peach i my world but most people refer to this as cool or pink.

Color theory is the SCIENCE of Color. All Science is based on proven facts and can not be argued with. Mind you, ignorant artists will argue just about anything, but they would not win the argument when their arguments are merely statements that typically start with the words, "I think." Once again, "Color Theory" is based on science. Hence equal parts of true red + true yellow = Orange... Orange is the direct compliment of blue therefore enhancing it more than any other color. Tertiary colors, contrasting colors, harmonious colors, triads, muting colors, neutralizing colors, etc. are all things included in understanding color theory. Did you know if you had red, blue, yellow, black and white, paint at you could create every single foundation color in the world?!

It's all an amazing, semi mind blowing experience for those few makeup artists that have discovered it. But that is like) a 3 day intensive class that I obviously cant write about on a message board. Sadly, most consumers (and makeup artists don't get much past the knowledge of "Green concealer is supposed to go on a red zit". And often when they tried that, they just ended up with a green zit. Instead of delving into their chosen career and mastering color theory, most mall and salon makeup artists claim, there is nothing to it, (color) or that everyone can wear anything if done right, or they just tell their clients to use whatever they like or think looks best. While we all have opinions, Color theory is a factual science and not about someone's opinion.

A true understanding of color enables artists to custom mix foundations, concealers, powders to the exact color needed every time (as long as you have the right colors to work with) and also to select the best colors to either stand out, harmonize, neutralize, enhance something like an eye color to the extent that you do not even notice the 4 colors of eye shadow used because all colors were in the exactly the colors, shades and intensity to ONLY magnify the eye color so that is all you notice. VERY FEW Artists have this understanding of color. And since the majority does not, and because it is human nature to not want to acknowledge our absence of knowledge, our insecurity complex makes us say things like its all baloney.

Now I agree with whoever said the cosmetic industry is always shoving marketing mumbo jumbo at us. That is completely true. Don't get me started, Because a lot of that B.S. is a part of the majority of advice that gets given out on these message boards! (Hence the book, I'm writing called The Beauty Conspiracies. And watch for the TV show series next year called "More Than Makeup." You will be mesmerized by what you see and here!)

Okay back to the "Am I warm or cool question, Our skin pigmentation is made up for melanin and keratin. Scientific books vary as to which is warm and which is coll but that doesn't really matter. The point is we are combination of both. Some people 90% one and 10% the other, while some people are closer to 50/50. Those are the only people that brag about being able to wear ANY color. While those that lean far more to one side of the spectrum have a totally different color harmony therefore colors either look fabulous or hideous. We know who we are, right ladies?!

I also assume the original question was about skin tone and not color analysis which is how to determine someones best wardrobe colors based on their skin tone, hair and eye color and their intensity. True the whole color analysis thing was big in the 80's. Back then everyone was doing it and charging for it without any credentials so most had no clue and did it wrong giving it a very bad name. Truth is, if it is done correctly, its based on color theory... which again is science. Hello. if done right, its as friggen accurate as you can get.

Skin tones. Undertones, surface tones: OMG that is another few hours lecture but in a nutshell. We wear foundation to smooth out our undertones and cover up the surface tones. We are all pretty much born with olive or yellow skin tones and a few warm peach. Its surface damage to our skin (sun, sun tan, sun damage, sunburn, freckles, self tanner, etc) that adds color often redness causing us to progress down the color scale and end up adding a little pink to continue matching what our neck and chest look like. Point is your undertones are either one of the following

Olive (yellow/green)
Warm peach (Golden.. just more more yellow than pink. aka yellow/orange)
Orange (1/2 yellow & 1/2 pink) Looks good in lots of colors
Cool peach (just more pink than yellow. aka red/orange)
Pink (Red, rose or whatever you prefer to call it)

By the way, "Light to dark" has NOTHING to do with color. fair olive, olive, deep olive, dark olive w, etc. We just like to give dark skin more exotic names, Mahogany (pink/red), Amber (Golden or Warm Peach) Umber etc.

Hope this helps whoever reads it.
Donna Mee
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