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No comments on the HBO special Plastic Disasters?

Re: HBO Plastic Surgery Special

Postby jinglejong » Fri Feb 24, 2017 9:52 pm

jacksonmmeu wrote: ... I do feel terrible for the lady who lost her legs, that was criminal....

I think diabetes contributed more to her losing her legs. The perforated bowel was a terrible outcome. But im sure physicians did not encourage her to remain immobile, bed ridden, and not ambulate for as long as she did post op. mobility (even re-positioning and isometric exercises while in bed) and better control of her diabetes likely would have resulted in a better outcome. If she controlled her diabetes better she also likely wouldn't have needed the cosmetic surgery in the first place. take evening walks all you want, but if your cells cant use glucose for energy because of lack of insulin or insulin resistance, you pee it out or you convert it to glycogen and create fat stores. If all of her shopping trips are anything like the one she made at the end of the documentary, lifestyle choices contribute to her current situation more then the liposuction did.
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