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No comments on the HBO special Plastic Disasters?

No comments on the HBO special Plastic Disasters?

Postby 2dogs » Tue Jun 06, 2006 8:04 am

I'm surprised we don't have 50 postings on that show. Cat got our tongues? Well, I'll start off with a few comments....of the 3 patients, I do not recall one discussing what kind of training their doctors had. Could this be an interesting omission? Especially the woman whose tummy lipo ended up costing her nearly her life and two legs. Did this woman not have an indication, such as a fever, for over TWO WEEKS that she had a perforated intestine? That seems odd to me. Tony the nose patient....uh...why did we not see the end result (did I leave the room to get a snack, or am I remembering correctly) ? As for Lucille....I think the segments spoke for themselves. I'm not sure I learned anything in that hour. Do you think viewers were educated or exploited?

2 dogs
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Postby julc » Tue Jun 06, 2006 8:14 am

Hey 2dogs...hows it going. sorry can`t comment on the show, we don`t get it here in the uk...tell us more??

Did you think it was all genuine?

Jules x
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Postby 2dogs » Tue Jun 06, 2006 8:46 am

Hi Julc...oh yes, I think it was genuine, but as the title implies, (Plastic DISASTERS) it was meant to appeal to audiences drawn in by tragedy, victimization, sensationalism....NONE of us here fail to acknowledge the seriousness of this surgery, sadly most of the time AFTER we've had it and realize how major it is. These cases are the exception and the extreme...and I couldn't help but feel some intervention at several points in each case may have stopped these problems from compounding.
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Postby robynne » Tue Jun 06, 2006 10:46 am

2dogs, I felt like I missed some vital point somewhere in the story, and I thought I was paying close attention. Am going to watch it again without a "tinkle" interruption. ..although I thought I was still hearing the TV from the bathroom. I thought the surgeons were going to be exposed, and license revoked. Can't imagine who would operate on Lucille's nose after a facelift was so recently done. I was also waiting to see the nose revision for the man, but again, I missed it...if it was shown.
These stories were horrible and sad, but I couldn't say, honestly, if there was a final episode coming, or were we left hanging? I'm still confused.
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Postby Allicsirp » Tue Jun 06, 2006 11:07 am

Still haven't been able to find out when this is going to be aired in our area. Now, I'm not sure I can sit through it.

Lucille is now getting a nose job? Someone please tell me why anyone would go through more plastic surgery with such disasterous prior experiences? See? I know the show would just p*ss me off. I can't stand it when they give you nothing to go on. Stop it with the sensational inuendos/insinuations...just TELL us what happened and who was wrong and let it end!!

:evil: Like a bad brush fire...no start, no end.
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Postby 2dogs » Tue Jun 06, 2006 11:28 am

Prissy the nose work was done 8 weeks after the facelift, both were done, it would seem, MANY years ago....in the ensuing years, how much of her current look is due to aging and pulling on her skin and how much is due to some surgical disaster, is up to the viewer. No doctor, so far, seems to agree with her that subsequent to the rhino, her face and neck swelled up the size of a helium filled balloon, then when it went down she was left with these hanging rolls of skin. At least that is how I interpreted what I heard and saw. I think you can find the schedule on the HBO website.

As for Tony's nose? I, too, felt left hanging.

2 dogs
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Postby robynne » Tue Jun 06, 2006 11:34 am

Prissy, it did bother me when the story wasn't completed, however, that was my understanding, and only my opinion. Lucille had a nose job shortly after her facelift years ago. It just didn't make common sense to me to keep having plastic surgery....blah blah... I'll hush because I am leary of what I write not sounding the same as I mean it to. So here I have sounded as confused as the darn show made me!! Hope some one with better writing skills will jump in and save my fat rear end.
AND/OR DOCTOR. Whew..I think......
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Postby harri » Tue Jun 06, 2006 11:52 am

Lucille had a facelift then 8 weeks later had a nose job. She blames this for her problems. I had the ops the other way round, rhinoplasty followed by a facelift in a similar time span. One plastic surgeon would have done both together. An expert nose surgeon (who only does noses) said I could have a facelift 8 weeks later. I have read this is the right way round, in case the nose job results in loose skin. But I can't see there's anything wrong, certainly not negligent in doing these ops so close together. My plastic surgeon wouldn't do both together as it was a complex rhinoplasty with a rib graft but left it up to me which I wanted to do first.

At 8 weeks Lucille was not seeing the real result of her facelift. We all know how swelling gives us that youthful bloom, the honeymoon period which does not last. I think this to a large extent accounts for her subsequent disappointment.

As for all the other physical problems she has I really wouldn't want to comment.
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Postby PinaColadaPlease » Tue Jun 06, 2006 11:53 am

Hi everyone. I watched a lot of the show but have to admit that I had to take breaks since it is very heavy stuff. Those three individuals are all obviously suffering. The woman who had lipo and ended up losing her legs seemed like a very strong woman and I admire her for it. She has been through a lot but seems to still be able to smile. I did not see bottomless pits of despair from either her or her husband and I'm afraid that is where her situation would have left me.

The gentleman with the nose problems was also very interesting to watch. His statement at the end was very sobering - something to the effect of "looking back on all of this, that little bump on my nose was really nothing to worry about". Forgive me if I have completely misquoted but it is a reality check for how a lot of us may concentrate too much on little things that really don't matter (not just looks either).

I did not watch too much of the sections on Lucille since I had a read a little of her website. She obviously is suffering. I didn't get the feeling that she had anyone at home to support her. Does anyone know if I'm wrong about that? I hope I am because even the worst problems can be managed so much better with some support.

2dogs - I think you hit the nail on the head when you mentioned any lack of discussion about training. I do think a lot of people put inappropriate trust in some people in the medical field. When I asked my PS (who is board certified) about some of the names of the various procedures, we talked about how a lot of the names are a result of marketing emphasis - trying to pull in patients. That to me is a BIG issue. Even the companies that make a box of juice have to disclose everything on the box so we can determine if we want the real thing or a watered down substitute. We have all been trained to be able to tell the difference between the real thing and the substitute. But it is difficult for most people to understand even how to evaluate and compare the different medical options. You continually hear the phrase "board certified" but I can see how that can get lost in the "marketing noise" when you are looking for a doctor to do a procedure for you.

I will say that the thing I enjoyed the most about the program was the short history lesson concerning trench warfare and how plastic surgery was refined after WWI soldiers needed reconstructive surgery. I had never heard that information before. What heros!!!
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Postby 2dogs » Tue Jun 06, 2006 12:13 pm

I agree, the gal who lost her legs AND her hubby are wonderfully loving and resiliant people, and she is AMAZING in her recovery and attitude...I, too, would probably have taken the hemlock cure after that! You do wonder, though, about where she had this "work" done. I thought they would expose the "clinic" or whatever it was. Note how they kept showing her watching those "commercials"---this tells us it was some hot, trendy surgical spot, heavily advertised, much like you-know-what (the procedure we dare not discuss for fear of too much discussion, ha ha).
And there's the lesson: plastic surgery is not like getting the latest hairstyle. It's surgery.

Yes, Tony said that....and he also said at the end, something like "here I am, all this suffering, that I brought on myself." No, sorry, I think his lousy surgeons had something to do with it. Self-blame is only going to lead to further deperession. Great. First you're depressed because your nose is awful, then after you get it "fixed" you end up depressed because you blame yourSELF for wanting it fixed. I think ANGER at the prior 3 surgeons would be a more appropriate emotion. I hope he had a better outcome that last time.

Sobe, are you lurking? What did you think of it????
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What TV show?

Postby Babyboomer » Tue Jun 06, 2006 1:07 pm

For those of us who somehow missed it,,,what TV show are we discussing? Will there be a repeat? Thanks.
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Postby henleygirl » Tue Jun 06, 2006 3:07 pm

First of all, speakly strictly from a technical perspective, the show was awful. HBO should be able to do better. The segments were poorly arranged, the background music weird and vaguely annoying, and the lack of some kind of coherent narrative was frustrating. I kept wondering, where is this going??

I've seen Lucille's website. I feel really badly for this woman, as no one seems willing to help her since it would seem she's somehow been "blackballed" by the ps fraternity and labeled as a nutcase. We know how they protect their own. She's obviously suffering greatly, and for that I feel real compassion, regardless of whether or not the surgery or the doctors contributed to her suffering. I don't know that we'll ever know that with certainly, unless and until they actually do a post-mortem as is her wish. It's a sad and depressing story, and it left me thanking the good Lord I got through my f/l as well as I did.

Nose-guy's story was hard to understand. I think the gist of it is that the first surgery was allegedly done incorrectly, and subsequent attempts at revision only made things worse. I too was disappointed that we didn't get the see the end of his story. I was so hoping for some good news! This isn't the first time I've heard this kind of story about rhinoplasty. It can go great the first time and make a huge positive difference in one's appearance, or it can go wrong and become virtually unfixable. This segment made me love my still-not-quite-perfect nose even more. The change I got will have to suffice!

As for the diabetic woman, well, I thought most diabetics were aware that they are at higher risk during *any* surgery. I'd think one would check with their primary care physician and do lots of research before undergoing lipo, with a risk factor such as diabetes. Then again, you see these ads for a quick and easy fix, and think "why not?". The ads and TV shows make it look so safe and easy. Somehow it needs to be said over and over that plastic surgery is still MAJOR SURGERY. I myself never knew at the time I made the decision to have my ps, just how wrong things can go. I figured that in 2005 it should be a piece of cake - way beyond science and elevated to an art form! After all, everyone's doing it, and see how great they all look on TV.....

The show made me wonder if I'm prepared to take even that (albeit small) risk of a catastrophic outcome, when the time comes that I need an overhaul. I'm not sure I could handle either of these three situations. Like 2dogs, I think I'd be opting for the hemlock cure.
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Postby PinaColadaPlease » Tue Jun 06, 2006 3:30 pm

Henleygirl - You are right - the show was awful. The only reason I stayed with it at all was because of my fairly recent surgery. I don't think I could have watched even five minutes if I didn't force myself to continue. Very strange for HBO to put on something of this level. It makes you wonder how this piece even got on the air.
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Postby 2dogs » Tue Jun 06, 2006 3:37 pm

I wondered the same...it was so "sensational," and over the top...with the bizarro music, the texts inserted regarding passage of time, and absolutely NO documentary information to explain HOW these bad things could have happened. Next time it's on, someone tape it and and study the credits...who wrote and produced this? You're right, Henley, not up to HBO standards....more like TLC...."Two hundred pound tumor" kind of thing.
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Postby TwinA » Tue Jun 06, 2006 6:25 pm

According to the NY Times review of the film, while the film "is as gripping as any horror movie," it is also a "simplistic, anti-betterment view told through maudlin tales of malpractice, with little medical context for balance." There are apparently no interviews with doctors or medical professionals so that the viewer, in the end, has no understanding of whether those involved were physicians of "good standing" or if they were even Board Certified, etc. etc. etc.

Sounds like this film stands in strong juxtapostion to shows like "Nip/Tuck" or "The Swan" which portrayed cosmetic surgery as a "walk in the park." But if, in turn, we are given an hour of 'sensationalism' without any real medical context or any "point/counterpoint" balance, then we, the viewers, are STILL not getting a fair, balanced point of view!

At any rate, thought you all would like to know that the critics agree with us -- this was a half-baked horror movie, lacking any legitimate medical explanations. Lots of compelling stories told with no "Part II" to address their outcome. And with the proliferation of plastic surgery today, that's a real bummer to prospective PS patients, looking to make educated decisions.

TwinA (Alice) :twisted:
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