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Need truth. Recovery time for lower f/l and neck lift?

Re: Need truth. Recovery time for lower f/l and neck lift?

Postby JR11 » Sun Nov 05, 2017 4:11 pm

I went back to work after two weeks, because that is what they told me I would need. I actually needed much longer. But had to go back anyway - so I still had bruising and swelling when I went back to work and I deal with the public all day, so it was obvious I had something done. At three months post-op I still don't think I am back to normal, although I am much better. If you want 'no one to know' then I would say you need to hide for three months.
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Re: Need truth. Recovery time for lower f/l and neck lift?

Postby barbie14 » Fri Apr 20, 2018 10:32 am

I had a facelift, under eye lift and neck lift. I could have gone back to work after two weeks for sure, but waited three weeks. When doctors say you are "restaurant ready" after 2 weeks, I certainly was. I had minimal bruising from the start (barely yellow) and only a small amount of swelling. I looked perfectly normal. However, I wasn't ready to face anyone because I didn't feel pretty. While i wasn't swollen to the naked eye, i had a lot of swelling at the top of my cheeks (at the temples) so the shape of my face looked triangular and masculine with sharp angles to me. I wasn't used to that; I was used to my round face. I'd look in the mirror and feel I looked manly, and at times regretted my decision for the plastic surgery, thinking I did not look any younger or prettier. I thought what i was looking at was my "end" result. I'm glad I waited three weeks to go back to work and if you are able to wait three weeks do it just to avoid
your own paranoia. After 6 weeks my face started to look really pretty and by 7 weeks great, and by 8 weeks i looked absolutely beautiful. It takes time for things to adjust. But at two weeks you can certainly go back to work if you have to! I think it also depends on the skill of your surgeon. I used one of the top surgeons in NYC who is world reknowned.
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Re: Need truth. Recovery time for lower f/l and neck lift?

Postby llee2-2018 » Fri Jul 13, 2018 8:04 am

I am on day three of my second facelift. First one was 17 years ago. This one was a neck lift, ( first time) and blepharoplasty. I have that elf look and look quite pulled.
Luckily since this is my 2nd time, I know not to panic. The first time I had a face lift, I looked amazing at around 3-6 months. Those first few years in photos I can really see how great it turned it out. Enjoy that time when you are there. The first time I was good for public at 10 days, with make up. This time I do not know if that will be true. I looked so pulled right now. Anyone else have this after a neck lift?
Luckily I work from home and do not need to go out in public for 6 weeks. I teach classes every few months and gave myself plenty of recovery time. The swelling and settling does take time. I would say at least for my first one, the best I looked was at about 6 months, but I looked nice and fine enough to go out at 10 days the first time. With heavy cover up on some various bruising. I am a quick healer and I feel like the sinecch/arnica really helped. Also I always sleep sitting up for at least 5 days. Really helps with the swelling. This time I feel strangled by the chin strap. Not loving that.
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