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Survival after surgery by barry jones, King Edward hospital

Re: Survival after surgery by barry jones, King Edward hospital

Postby CEPS » Sat Mar 23, 2013 12:32 pm

Zebra: Please keep us informed regarding the response by King Edward Hospital.

I hope this hospital administration, and the governing institution, know that many will be watching/reading your story.

Prospective patients researching this hospital and surgeon, even years and years in the future, will be reading this thread to help them make a decision about whether to select King Edward or Jones as a healthcare provider.

Reputation matters. Treating patients with basic human decency matters!
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Re: Survival after surgery by barry jones, King Edward hospital

Postby Rhinestone1 » Thu Mar 28, 2013 3:17 pm

Hi Zebra
Thanks so much for the advice i phoned iscas today and they phoned the hospital where i got my op done .
And now thanks to u for sharing this info with us i at last after more than 40days ive now got a response from the hosp. after the iscas phoned them up to tell them .
so im very grateful for your help and sharing this with us .
hopefully u get a response from king edward and they fully investigate your complaint now that iscas have made them do a u turn .
ill keep my fingers crossed for u that u get a satisfactory response from them this time .
Its not right or decent that u have been left in this situation by king edward and its high time that they recgonised this .
hopefully they do the right thing by you .
Many thanks to u for your help as always much appreciated it really is .
Hugs to u Rhinestone1.
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Re: Survival after surgery by barry jones, King Edward hospital

Postby zebra » Wed Apr 03, 2013 10:14 am

The King Edward Sister Agnes hospital is still refusing to investigate my complaint about jones’ performance – they will only consider other parts of my complaint. They said his "practice has not raised any cause for concern to date”.

Recently I had to undergo a medical operation linked to one of several chronic diseases with which I have been diagnosed since surgery performed by barry m jones and his assistant.
I was ill with fear as I waited to go into the theatre for this operation I needed for health reasons, because I knew that once I was unconscious, I would not be able to hide my elevated hairline, the ruched skin on my temples and the bald patches on my head resulting from surgery by barry jones. I knew the operating team would have full view of my disfigurements.

I was so ashamed of the disfigurements that occurred during surgery by jones, I had to ask for the procedure to be halted while I informed the operating team of my experience at the King Edward Sister Agnes hospital in London. This put back the entire operating schedule of the day – it affected and inconvenienced everybody on the ward.

I was terrified of being put under, knowing that it was while I was unconscious at the King Edward Hospital London , ie in the most vulnerable, defenceless position possible, that I sustained the disfigurements you see in my photographs. I feel I can never trust anyone in the medical profession again.

The NHS operating team assured me that no registrar/trainee/assistant/”observer” would be brought in to participate in my surgery without my knowledge after I was unconscious.

This illustrates the never-ending effect on every aspect of one’s life of poor surgery.

On a daily basis, I must remember to NEVER put my hair behind my ears – that most natural and feminine of gestures. If I do, I look like a pig in a wig as a result of the way jones elevated my hairline during surgery.

Having surgery by barry jones is without a doubt the biggest regret of my life.
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Re: Survival after surgery by barry jones, King Edward hospital

Postby opals » Thu Apr 04, 2013 1:49 pm

I was looking again on uk site lookyourbest and saw that the same old piece from barry jones is still prominent on it..there is NO mention that I can see of the appalling surgery and treatment of one of his ex patients ?? (Zebra)I have NO faith in that site now I wouldn't recommend it as an unbiased source of info about u.k surgeons. talking of surgeons, I wonder why a hospital would support someone who has turned out such poor work...why would it be in their best interests..they have seen the evidence yet do nothing, they are as much to blame in my opinion if they wont be supportive of victims/patients in the face of such clear evidence
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Re: Survival after surgery by barry jones, King Edward hospital

Postby Rhinestone1 » Fri Apr 05, 2013 9:05 am

Hi Zebra
Its a disgrace that King Edward wont take responsibilty for who they allow to work on there premises its time that those hospitals took more responsibilty for who is allowed to work there a lot of them hospitals u find dont give a damn who they r either renting out the OR to .
a lot of them places r only interested in the money they make from the ps i dont think any of them really care .
As long as the ps r willing to pay them they will put up with any thing that the ps does .
Thats just my personal opinion though .
well from experience i never have come across any of the hospitals i complained to they all done nothing couldnt care less attitude .
They should be made to take more responsibilty of who works on there premises they should and above anything else u would think a hospital like king edward should want to look into this after all wasnt it them that first said they had the best ps in the world .
Its time they done the right thing and realised how this surgery has effected u really badly i bet if it was there daughter they would be holding a completly different stance to it then .
hope u can stay strong .
Its a disgrace to the profession that this is not being investigated fully .
i think barry jones should at least do something to try and help u for god sake Mr jones cant u c how zebra is suffering .
Please help her .
Rhinestone 1 .
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Re: Survival after surgery by barry jones, King Edward hospital

Postby zebra » Sun Apr 07, 2013 5:07 am

In his clinical notes, barry m jones implied that the techniques used (that left me disfigured) were my doing and that he would have done it differently if it were up to him. I can evidence this statement as i have a hard copy of the records.

I mentioned before i now live with a number of chronic diseases post-jones / King Edward Sister Agnes Hospital . I recently updated you on the shame i felt when i was unable to hide the disfigurements from a medical operating team.

Unfortunately i now need another medical procedure that will mean - once again - the whole operating team will see my ruched temple skin, my elevated and displaced hairline and my lopsided face which people assume is Bells Palsy.

I am thinking of not going through with the procedure because of the shame and embarrassment,but i don't want to allow what this individual did to me to prevent me obtaining critical medical care.

I cannot pretend it was an accident because it is too obvious that it is poor surgery.

Please can anyone help with ideas as to what i should tell the team? When i told the last operating team, it invariably led to more questions from them about jones, the hospital, their behaviour towards me post-disfigurement, etc.

Any ideas would be appreciated and i hope this serves as a stark lesson to everyone about how bad surgery affects EVERY aspect of the remainder of your life.

I don't leave home or see other people unless it is essential -but there are scenarios where you cannot avoid scrutiny, like when you need medical procedures.
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Re: Survival after surgery by barry jones, King Edward hospital

Postby Rhinestone1 » Sun Apr 07, 2013 6:21 am

Hi Zebra
i think it is good that u have told the team of your fears about any trainee operating on u and as more than one person knows in the team of your fears i cant see any one of them bringing in any trainee now as the full team know and r aware of your wishes of no trainee so i think its good u have let as many people know in the hospital of your wishes so there is very slim chance of any of them sneaking in any trainee now as there r lots of people know your wishes no one in the team is probably going to go against your wishes as the others would see and know about it if any one did try and bring in trainee so i think by u telling as much people as u can in hospital then im sure u should be all right this time .
Yes i wouldnt let jones or king edward deny u of medical procedures u need and i cant c how jones can say it was your fault or down to u that this appalling outcome was your fault he was the one with scapel in his hand or was he .?????or trainee .
It strange he said he would have done things differently i wonder what he meant by that what a strange thing to say and u have proof to .
what i find helps me and i keep this thought with me when ever i go down to surgery i always feel self conscious to but what i always think before surgery i always say well when im sleeping i wont know or i wont c them looking at me or looking at my worst bits ill be sleeping im usually glad when im put to sleep cause then i dont care what they think cause ill be sleeping and wont know and its not as if u will probably c any of them ever again anyway .
so i find that helps me u will be sleeping through out so u wont feel uncomfortable for long .
Im sure as u have explained to them before hand to they should be aware of all your concerns to .
i for one dont think u need to ashamed cause those that r bothered they r not worth bothering with and no one is perfect and yours injurys were not your fault and everyone has bits they want to hide .
i to was asked if i had taken a stroke by a teacher on a training course just recently i had to walk out of class but i will not let this remark put me of yes i was down and cried and nearly gave up all my training but i realised not everyone is rude or ignorant out there it lowered my confidence again but i resat more classes and more training and there r some really lovely teachers out there that one was just rude and ignorant in my opinion she had the problem not me so for about everyone person out there who is bothered about someones appearence u will find there r lots of people out there who dont care what we look like .
I dont care what someone look like as long as they r nice and caring so ignore anyone that is rude cause u will find that the majority of people dont mind and they will treat u with respect that u deserve .
Most nurses in hospitals r really nice and caring in the profession so hold your head up high zebra and most people dont mind what someone looks like when they meet .
Im now waiting for cat scan cause of the remark of one teacher saying i was weak down one side and was there something wrong with me so i totally understand where u r coming from just think u will sleeping and u wont can feel uncomfortable then .
as u have told many of the hospital they wouldnt chance it i feel of bringing in any trainee and if someone does comment then about appearence then say it was cosmetic surgery u got done and it went wrong .
i always hold the thought in my head i will be sleeping soon so i dont care what they think or what they see .lol .
Ignore those people who only care about how someone is looking it whats inside that counts .
i took up training and im getting more confident now and nearly everyone is lovely just the odd comment which i wont let stop me cause those people r just rude nasty people who critcise and judge people for what they look like so dont give them the time of day for everyone person that cares about how someone looks there will be about another 100 that dont care and will want to get to know u no matter what so dont let it ruin your life .
Im going back to college and ive met some lovely people through all my training please dont let it ruin your life zebra u have lots to offer u will make freinds who like u for u .
None of this was your fault u r beautiful and dont ever forget that told u that ok .
hugs Rhinestone 1 .
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Re: Survival after surgery by barry jones, King Edward hospital

Postby Rhinestone1 » Mon Apr 15, 2013 5:58 am

Hi Zebra
i just left a post on lyb for u and it was removed so far no explanation or reason was given i didnt think i had said anything out of turn on it but i c they removed it anyway which is probably why posters r not commenting on there .
Many psters have said to me they dont post on lyb no more for that reason the mods on face section r far to strict which was why the face forum wasnt busy for a while cause lot of poster stopped posting and in private messages to me that was reason why they stopped the mods on face section werent liked .
Lot of posters have said that to me even some who still post share that veiw to which is why many wont probably comment on your post on lyb on face section .
hope u get a good response from hospital and some decent aftercare it is obvious u need some support and help this is where the aftercare should come in and should be provided to u at least .
the aftercare is severly lacking by some ps out there they should provide some assistance to u as it is obvious u need some help with this and it would be good if your ps and the hospital could regonise this .
r they giving u any aftercare or have they offered u any assistance in all this .?
They should at least be open to communication with u .
Hugs to u as always Rhinestone .xxx
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Re: Survival after surgery by barry jones, King Edward hospital

Postby zebra » Wed Apr 17, 2013 3:44 am

Hi Rhinestone

I think most people have sussed out how that site operates. You can make factual comments about some surgeons, but not about one surgeon in particular. I previously had a factual post removed, yet i have seen critical posts about other surgeons on that forum.

My photos are the only evidence available of the standard of work performed by the only surgeon ever featured on that site in their 'ongoing discussions with surgeons'.

In the latest development, the King Edward Sister Agnes hospital, which first was investigating my complaint, then was not; then told ISCAS it was when it was not; then said it would - but only certain aspects, has provided a very poor response. Perhaps not surprising when you consider their asinine handling of the matter thus far.

I myself would be embarrassed to send out something of such a poor standard in a professional capacity. It fails to address many of my points and does not provide substantiated answers. Eg the documentation appears tampered with. I asked for explanations and to see originals. They simply say they don't think the docs were tampered with. That is not an adequate response.

The consultant's signature on the hospital docs does not to my mind, look like the samples of jones' signature i possess from the defensive letters he wrote me after he had elevated and distorted my hairline and stitched my temples into visible pleats. The 'too difficult' questions are simply ignored.

The hospital has stated in writing that mine is not the only complaint received about barry jones. I have no idea how many complaints they need to receive before they take appropriate steps to ensure the safety of clients. What do you think the cut off point is? 5, 10, 20?

I am so ashamed of myself for making such a bad choice of surgeon and hospital.

I have not been to the dentist post-disfigurement, for obvious reasons. Last week i had an emergency so had to go. The shame i felt was indescribable when the dentist wanted to know what had happened to my face.
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Re: Survival after surgery by barry jones, King Edward hospital

Postby claref453 » Wed Apr 17, 2013 8:24 am

I have been following this thread with interest because I too had a procedure performed by this surgeon and remain very unhappy with the outcome.
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Re: Survival after surgery by barry jones, King Edward hospital

Postby atlanti » Wed Apr 17, 2013 9:29 am

Oh dear! I am following this with interest also. I had surgery by the same surgeon 7 years ago. The facial results were very good and still are although I will probably need a revision next year. However, whist I was very happy with the scars on one side of my head - not so the other side. It looked as though a different surgeon had made that incision. I had a large mole removed on the side with the unsatisfactory scar and always presumed that this was the reasons for the different scar technique. Now I am not sure. I fear the use of trainees without consent may have been widespread and, if this is the case, then it is totally unethical and morally corrupt. I am grateful that I did not suffer Zebra's dreadful experience and my face was really well done but I am still left with a sense of unease now and will never use him again and never recommend him to anyone. I hope you get the redress you want Zebra. You are incredibly brave and obviously your photos speak for themselves
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Re: Survival after surgery by barry jones, King Edward hospital

Postby Rhinestone1 » Thu Apr 18, 2013 9:22 am

Hi Zebra
Please dont feel ashamed at all for choosing this ps none of this was your fault .
Its very easy for any of us out there to end up in the wrong hands it is so difficult to know who to choose .
i know u done lot of research and done all right things but no one out there until now would ever be expectating that a trainee might be facilatating the ps in some way .
i nearly chose your ps myself i thought like u to and many otheres he was one of the best it really is a minefield out there many of us including myself have ended up in the wrong hands to i saw 16 ps before choosing my one and i still got it wrong .
so it wasnt your fault and u have done nothing to be ashamed about .

you will have helped other people out there including myself and now posters r now making sure to ask when they get surgery i dont want no trainee near me or in the room so thanks to u for sharing this will keep many posters safer now .

Im proud of u and so r many others so please dont feel ashamed it can happen to anyone choosing wrong ps .

The cut of point for drs i feel is when they stop caring and when they dont provide aftercare to there pateints when a dr stops caring and doesnt want to help his patients now my opinion is thats when the cut off point should happen they should have there backsides kicked out of the industry at that point or better still if they dont care about patients then they owe it to us as patients to walk from the industry .
Most drs go into industry to help pateints and care for them and in plastic surgery most drs help people with disfigurements they know the trauma that can cause so when a plastic surgeon leaves disfigurements he must know better than anyone the devastation caused so simply to not care and not do nothing or not to help or communicate or offer assistance in some way is the cut off point in my opinion they should be axed when that happens .
Or they should walk why be in the industry when u dont care about your pateints those type of ps should be booted out of the industry all together why r they there if they dont help or care for there pateints .
They just reached there cut of point for me .

Those hospital should be made to take more responsibilty for the ps working there in there hospitals its not good enough for them to simply dish out poor responses thats simply not good enough .
They must take responsibilty of who works there .
if a patient doesnt get after care by the ps then the hospital should do something about the ps who works there especially if they have had lot of complaints .
any ps who doesnt care any more should walk i feel .

i noticed on lyb the mod said he didnt delete no posts mine was on then it was gone they say they never deleted no posts so i reposted mine maybe the others will can do the same now .
hopefully so dont know why mine just dissapeared but i put it back on again so hopefully it stays there .

Hugs to u as always rhinestone1 .xxxx
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Re: Survival after surgery by barry jones, King Edward hospital

Postby Rhinestone1 » Sat Apr 20, 2013 1:05 pm

Hi Zebra
i just wondered if its possible would u be allowed to ask the trainee write to him or get a lawyer to write to him and ask him what he was allowed to do in the operation .
Maybe by writing to those in the theather at the time of your op sent recorded to king edward and put the names of trainee and those who were in thearter and ask for the letters to be passed on to those individuals send them recorded one for each one and maybe they will reply back to u and tell u what there role was .
Or maybe a lawyer could write to them and ask the trainee what he done in the op .
Maybe thats worth a shot .
Maybe the trainee must keep notes to and the other staff there would know as well what he was allowed to do .
so by writing to them or get a lawyer to send them a letter each u might get some answers from them .
Its a long shot i know but maybe someone in the threather that day will tell the truth if they r asked direct .
Its worth a try i suppose .
Hugs to u rhinestone1 .xxxx
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Re: Survival after surgery by barry jones, King Edward hospital

Postby Rhinestone1 » Sun May 05, 2013 2:21 am

How r u now ?
Hope u got your documents ok and a respnse from king edward .
hope u r ok .
Thinking of u .
hugs rhinestone1.
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Re: Survival after surgery by barry jones, King Edward hospital

Postby Sandyshores52 » Mon May 06, 2013 5:04 am

Zebra, I've been attempting to look at your pics for the past 5 days at least 8 times a day, each time I do, the message " Site temporarily down due to high volume of internet traffic". I'm wondering if your pics have led to the pics section being blocked off? Is it possible for you to post your pics on Youtube where noone can attempt to block them? Having had bad PS in the past, I really feel for you. I hope your pics will be able to be seen by anyone considering using your surgeon.
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