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Survival after surgery by barry jones, King Edward hospital

Survival after surgery by barry jones, King Edward hospital

Postby zebra » Sun Feb 24, 2013 2:19 pm

The photographs posted here are my personal property, over which I retain absolute copyright. They are not to be reproduced, distributed, or used for any purpose whatsoever without my written authority. Medical confidentiality and the Data Protection Act apply at all times.

View my photos at
http://www.makemeheal.com/pictures/face ... er1-a14528

Password: mutilation1

Barry Jones and the King Edward Hospital in London UK facilitated the participation in my surgery of an individual whom the hospital says was there as a ‘clinical observer’. This was done without my knowledge or consent, which the hospital says they did not need. The hospital has confirmed in writing he was there to learn from jones. Yet the hospital also states he acted as an assistant, thus he was more than just a passive observer. On the paperwork, this individual is described as a registrar (ie. a doctor undergoing specialist training; a trainee thus). The hospital insists that jones carried out all of my surgery.

I have been asked countless times since surgery; “What happened to you?”, “Are you ill?”, “You look odd”

I spent years researching surgeons, as I wanted to employ the services of an experienced, skilled, appropriately qualified surgeon. I took every precaution one can reasonably take in order to reduce risk.

STANDARD OF AFTERCARE FROM JONES and the King Edward hospital

The hospital has refused to investigate my complaint, including a number of anomalies on the documentation.

While I was recovering from this negative, life changing ordeal, the surgeon wrote me a letter saying he had used an incision to preserve my hairline, yet the photos evidence an elevated hairline. The complications you see in the photos were never accurately and fully recorded on my files as is standard professional practice- as if they simply never happened. Instead, my medical files record the fact that his staff reported my online posts to him.

As swelling subsided, freakish pleats of skin on my temples became visible, as did pouches above and below my mouth, visible facial asymmetry, hair loss, and a deep, painful pleat behind my right ear that extended down my neck, as seen in the photos. I experience 24/7 unnatural sensation on my left temple and numbness beside my right eye.

I had to face my lover, my work colleagues, my neighbours, my friends, my hairdresser with these obvious disfigurements. One of the hardest things to deal with is the way other people and surgeons assume I never did any research, or that I knowingly used an unqualified surgeon to get a cheap deal. Everybody wants to know who did it and at which hospital.

I have consulted with numerous surgeons, examined like the elephant (wo)man. All have told me this outcome was AVOIDABLE; the result of sloppy work and lack of skill, not what one would expect from a qualified surgeon.

At the time of my surgery, the King Edward Sister Agnes Hospital used misleading internet advertising that described consultants as being the best in the country and leaders in the field. Following my complaint, which included the photographs you see here, they have quietly removed these claims and amended the wording.

Comments by other surgeons on the standard of surgery performed
“Why didn’t you use a qualified surgeon?”
“When were you diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy?”
“You have to try really hard to screw up this badly. He must have been working with his eyes shut”.

My life as I knew it was cut short in the space of a couple of hours. I have no social life; I am unable to perform at the same level professionally; my physical health has been severely affected by grief and shock. A long term relationship of 9 years was destroyed as a direct result of this event. The grief I feel is indescribable. I had to cancel all my plans, hopes, dreams and aspirations, using every ounce of strength instead to find some one to help me minimise the effect of this result.

My life, such as it now is, will always be defined by this event. Every day when I look in the mirror, the first thing that strikes me is the freakish temple pleat and my elevated hairline. I have almost daily flashbacks and nightmares about him chopping at me, cutting at me, slicing my hair off and tossing it in the clinical waste bin, stitching my skin into visible pleats. I wake in terror most nights.

After two revisions, I have only minimal improvement. The temple pleats are permanent. One revision surgeon said the operating surgeon had “Left me too little for me to work with”. He described it as “a salvage operation”. I need a hair transplant to reconstruct my sideburns that were surgically removed by jones as seen in the photographs. The cost is 12k USD excl travel and accommodation (on top of the 10k GBP already spent on revision and consultations). HT entails an incision in my scalp of 1cm x 8cm to harvest donor hair and that carries its own risks. The bald strip on the back of my head following surgery by jones and his assistant measured 1.8 x 7cm. Even if I had the funds, I do not know whether I could go through with these invasive procedures. So I am left to exist as I am, relegated to a half-life.

In my opinion, surgeons who produce poor results rely on their victims being too humiliated to share their experiences. It has taken a long time to find the courage to post these pictures. A UK website removed a review I wrote about my experience and warned me about libel and defamation. I urge victims not be intimidated by such tactics.To prove libel, it must be shown that the information presented is not factual.

I did my research, I asked the right questions, but you cannot defend yourself when you are unconscious. Nothing in the world can give me back what I’ve lost. Please don’t let it happen to you. You will find out too late there are no options for obtaining justice in the UK where there is no regulation and no one is accountable. You will find that the old boys’ club protects its own.

We have a moral responsibility to to share our experiences so that prospective clients can use this information to identify competent, ethical surgeons who work out of professional hospitals where complaints will be investigated in a transparent fashion.

I hope that by posting here I will save at least 1 person from experiencing a similar life-changing event.
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Re: Survival after surgery by barry jones, King Edward hospital

Postby Amanda2013 » Sun Feb 24, 2013 4:27 pm

Zebra this is terrible, your scars in the pics are beyond belief sorry, I'm being truthful, how can a qualified surgeon Barry Jones be allowed to operate in this way.

Then the callous reaction from King Edwards Hospital, condoning, protecting this surgeons sloppy surgery, especially after advertising the best surgeons are operating there. Surely the hospital should have some kind protection for the patients welfare to protect from rogue surgeons.

Your scars are terrible and there is no way I would ever consider going with Barry Jones or using this hospital in the future, i'm totally shocked by this story.

Poor you
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Re: Survival after surgery by barry jones, King Edward hospital

Postby Rhinestone1 » Sun Feb 24, 2013 5:36 pm

Hi Zebra
im sure your story will save lots of others from choosing barry jones .
so sorry this happened to u .
Thanks for having the courage to post and share im sure everyone whos considering sugery or considering this ps or hospital will be very appeciative of u warning them of this and if it can save even one person from the same fate then it will have been worth while posting this .
It appears from your photos that hes been far to aggressive with your surgery it looks like a trainees work to be honest .
The scar at the back of the head looks far to long especially more on one side it looks really long i didnt know they used as long incisions as that it looks too long and far to agressive i would say .
Its a real shame the hospital werent more helpful or barry jones himself wasnt more helpful to u .
i think they should compensate u for this outcome surely they cant all be heartless out there of course they say u cant get blood out of a stone and unfortunately lots of those ps and hospitals usually r made of stone sad fact but true .
Maybe they will do the decent thing and give u proper compensation for the outcome that destroyed your life .
Hugs to u Rhinestone1.
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Re: Survival after surgery by barry jones, King Edward hospital

Postby higgles » Mon Feb 25, 2013 6:33 pm

Zebra, my deepest sympathy to you for your grief and sadness.
I have had a lot of PS myself over the years, mostly good but not all, and there are a couple of points I would like to make. Firstly, I feel so sad that this has happened to you. I acknowledge you have had poor work.
The pleat in the temple and behind one ear and your mouth pouches stand out as the worst areas to me. The good thing is you have a good head of hair and although you will always have to wear your hair down, at least you have plenty of hair to cover the scarring. Even have a fringe cut if it suit you, to mask the temple pleating
Your mouth is a mystery to me. I presume your SMAS has been pulled too tight which is why the lip corners are unnaturally turned up and the chin area looks smaller.The pouches are a mystery. It is as if the tissues there have been folded back on themselves but this is not possible, or muscles or nerves have been injured near by and you have new muscles formed in that area. What do the other PS's you have consulted with say about that? Perhaps the judicious use of fillers around this area might smooth the transition there plus a little filler in your lips but you need an expert to perform it.
You also need to move on with your life. I know, as I have experienced the same grief over a procedure some years back but you have to keep living your life as you are now, not as you were, otherwise you will destroy what is left of your life and that would be such a waste.
Sometimes when you help others even more unfortunate than yourself, you get your own life in better perspective. It can be very healing for your soul
There is no doubt you have had a terrible time and I hope you finally get resolution of some of these problems. You have been wronged and harmed but you cannot live your life in regret and bitterness. You HAVE to move on.

All the best
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Re: Survival after surgery by barry jones, King Edward hospital

Postby meeka » Tue Feb 26, 2013 2:32 am


Thank you for your detailed and informative post. I am so sorry this has happened to you and your photos show that this is not the work of a skilled surgeon as he claims to be. Its unbelievable that a surgeon who is held in such high esteem in the UK could do this to a patient. Preserving a hairline is a fundamental in skilled facelifting.

This is not a case of poor healing or that your unrealistic expectations have not been met, you have a genuine case .

Unfortunately it is very difficult to obtain justice in the UK and London BAAPS surgeons in particular will not critique anothers work. Your case has highlighted the type of work that BAAPS deem as acceptable aesthetic plastic surgery.

I hope that the future holds improvements for you and something can be done to correct the pleats and the hairline.

Thank you again for telling your story .
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Re: Survival after surgery by barry jones, King Edward hospital

Postby opals » Tue Feb 26, 2013 4:23 am

I echo all that has been said in the posts above.no words can convey the despair and frustration felt after being treated and left this way.I speak as someone who has been left with a Distorted face after being operated on by a so called top new York plastic surgeon..who is incidentally touting for business again in London...I know of other women who are in legal action against him...but as zebra said..its almost impossible to get any justice .her case is appaling and she is extremely brave to go public..I hope many people will see thiscand spread the word through other forums.thank you zebra!
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Re: Survival after surgery by barry jones, King Edward hospital

Postby Pixi » Thu Feb 28, 2013 8:05 am


Your surgery experience is just awful and the pictures speak for themselves. Thank you for sharing this information and in particular posting photos. I do hope you find a revision surgeon who is able to offer great improvement. Although I understand a marked improvement will not compensate for the things you have already lost and the anguish you must feel.

All the best

Pixi (PN on LYB)
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Re: Survival after surgery by barry jones, King Edward hospital

Postby zebra » Sun Mar 10, 2013 7:41 am

Thanks to all who posted comments posted here. Hope I have saved at least one person from the same experience. I hope to post an update in the near future.
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Re: Survival after surgery by barry jones, King Edward hospital

Postby PS.CE » Sun Mar 10, 2013 8:19 pm


Thank you for your bravery. People who you will never meet will be spared harm because, thanks to you, they will not experience the pain and misfortune of Mr. Barry Jones or King Edward hospital in their lives. You have done a good thing. I join the chorus of all who are posting by saying that I respect you and I thank you.

By publicly outing Barry Jones as a butcher you will spare other patients the hell of living with disfigurement. Jones must be publicly held accountable for the horrific damages he has done. If he did not have a medical title he would be in prison for slashing a woman's face and grand theft.

What a horrible excuse for a human being he must be to wantonly cause this destruction in a woman's life.

And shame on this hospital for being heartless and cruel and profiting off of crimes against innocent victims. This King Edward hospital is in no way a reputable medical institution if they would dismiss your patently obvious claims of damages. Just like a person can be sociopathic, so can an institution. I am sure that this hospital will lose business due to your public awareness campaign.

If anyone who works at Jones' office or any staff at King Edward reads this: Don't take your paycheck and keep your mouth shut. You are supposed to be in the healthCARE industry. This is a shameful way to treat patients. You must step forward and hold Jones and the hospital administration fully accountable.

Whatever your position in representing Jones or this "hospital," whether physician, nurse, administrator, or janitor, stand up in whatever way you can against this horrific treatment of a patient! Get staff signatures on a petition to launch an internal investigation if nothing else! Post signs about Jones in the staff areas! Start a drive to raise funds for Zebra's revision surgery! Launch a phone campaign of anonymous calls to the top administration - Let them know that you know...

Please take action.

Do something!
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Re: Survival after surgery by barry jones, King Edward hospital

Postby opals » Fri Mar 15, 2013 1:39 pm

there must be many people out there who have had bad results and /or botched surgery but very little is heard from them..i believe some cosmetic surgery sites do not want to publish or acknowledge it, ..and i personally am suspicious that a u.k site lookyourbest withholds or withdraws negative posts about some surgeons..Who is behind this site I wonder? who are the sponsers? .When someone who has had a bad experience is looking for help and support it matters greatly to have somewhere to go to for genuine advice/help and I think its practically impossible to find this, here in the U.K at least.So Please Please lets help each other by exposing,sharing and talking about our experiences
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Re: Survival after surgery by barry jones, King Edward hospital

Postby hazel50 » Sun Mar 17, 2013 7:31 am

Hi Zebra,
I'm so sorry you are going through this very very difficult time. The emotional and mental trauma can be more devastating to you than the physical trauma. Good luck in getting the revisions and support you need.
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Re: Survival after surgery by barry jones, King Edward hospital

Postby zebra » Wed Mar 20, 2013 11:05 pm

The devastating effect permeates every aspect of one's life every single day. One is in effect forced to re-live the horror every day. It starts when you wake up and look in the mirror and know you have to face the world like this, and continues throughout the day with people staring at your disfigurements and you trying constantly to hide/minimise them.

I cannot hide the mouth pouches and my hair is painfully thin and limp - try keeping your hair over your temple for just one day and you will see what i go through. Every time you move (ie walk or turn your head), so does your hair; it is impossible to hide the temple pleats. Before this hideous experience that changed my life, i did alot of sport - with my hair always tied back.

I now have to wear glasses every day all day in an attempt to deflect attention from the temple pleats and to try and 'fill in' the hairless areas above my ears where my hair bearing skin was stripped away, despite my specific instructions about hairline preservation.

There are no social photographs of me post disfigurement. Recently i spent time with a relative i only see every 1 to 2 years. I would have liked photos of the event, but every photo simply documents my disfigurements and serves as a record of this hideous, life-changing event, thus ruining every joyful experience.
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Re: Survival after surgery by barry jones, King Edward hospital

Postby opals » Fri Mar 22, 2013 1:56 pm

hi Zebra,

have you any updates on your situation, I have been thinking about your experience and looking out for any posts about Barry Jones on other forums !
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Re: Survival after surgery by barry jones, King Edward hospital

Postby zebra » Sat Mar 23, 2013 6:54 am

Thank you for your interest Opals.

You will be hard pressed to find any factual reviews backed by hard evidence, such as mine. I conducted a similar research exercise before engaging the services of this individual. If only 1 person had posted as i have, I would have been spared this life-changing event.

I mentioned previously how the King Edward Sister Agnes Hospital London, which claims to abide by the ISCAS complaints policy, refused to investigate my complaint. I have this refusal in writing.

Bizarrely, it appears the hospital failed to consider that I might inform ISCAS of its non-compliance with the ISCAS complaints procedure.

I was informed by ISCAS that when it contacted the hospital, a staff member told them it was indeed investigating my complaint. Naturally I provided written evidence to the contrary.

This forced the hospital to make an embarrassing U-turn and say they will investigate my complaint after all. I have written evidence to support this. Already struggling with reputational damage following its handling of the suicide of one of its nurses in Nov 12, one almost has to pity them.

This is what happens when hospitals fail to take ownership of what goes on under their roofs ie responsibility for those to whom they give operating rights.

One only hopes they will gain some organisational learning from this
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Re: Survival after surgery by barry jones, King Edward hospital

Postby Amanda2013 » Sat Mar 23, 2013 7:24 am

What could be more embarrassing for the hospital.
I wonder if more victims will come forward, you can't be the only one :?:
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