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Traumatic facelift with dr. Warwick Nettle Silkwood Medical

Traumatic facelift with dr. Warwick Nettle Silkwood Medical

Postby turnbacktime34 » Tue Jul 31, 2018 11:28 pm

I am sharing my experience to protect general public from the traumatic experience I had. As a former patient of Dr. Warwick Nettle, I do not recommend this doctor, he performed, in my opinion, botched neck lift procedure on me which left me with bad scarring, I suffered hair loss and disfigured my earlobes, My earlobes were protruding and lifted away from my actual face.

I had to seek medical advice and diagnosis of hypertrophic scarring which very painful condition from a second doctor after dr.Nettle couldn't determine why post surgery I was suffering from severe swelling behind my right ear and neck and chest area; he even implied perhaps my condition was unrelated from the surgery he performed but instead speculated that I had a deep tissue massage or suffered from some type of physical injury all to make it seems as he was not culpable for my pain and swelling. He even indicated in the medical records that my swelling/pain was due to a deep tissue massage?!

His only solution was the offer a prescription for some antibiotic to take the swelling down, scarring and swelling flared up repeatedly and he was unable to diagnose what I was suffering from. Frustrated and severe pain behind my ear and lifted up earlobes condition I sought the help from a second doctor who quickly determined I had hypertrophic scarring from my neck lift! He performed a scar revision surgery and earlobes surgery to correct my earlobes as best as possible, which cost me additional money on top of the initial surgery coast from dr.Nettle. I have spend thousand of dollars out of savings to correct my earlobes and scars. Which will never be the same however I can now wear earrings. And I have had no reoccurrence of pain or flare ups from any hypertrophic scarring.
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Re: Traumatic facelift with dr. Warwick Nettle Silkwood Medical

Postby Swami » Fri Aug 10, 2018 5:57 am

Sorry to hear that, I know what its like when someone ruins your face. I had a doctor at Chatswood totally ruin my face and I'm still trying to get it fixed years later.
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