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What's the difference between Lifestyle Lift and Quick Lift

What's the difference between Lifestyle Lift and Quick Lift

Postby pjammin » Fri May 09, 2008 11:23 am

I've read some horror stories about people who were disappointed in the Lifestyle Lift claiming that a year later they were right back where they started from....if not worse than they would have been.

I've seen ads on TV about a procedure called Quick Lift (they also have a website). Is this the same procedure just called a different name? Curious if others have been pleased with Quick Lift. I have an appointment for a consultation.
Thank you.
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Postby DCNGA » Fri May 09, 2008 3:04 pm

My best "GUESS" (and it would be only a guess), is that they are very similar procedures but I could also be very wrong. Research and read, but don't know if you will be able to find much "specific" info on the LSL for comparison as the specifics of the LSL are trademarked, so learning what the exact procedure is for comparison's sake may be difficult.

Good luck.


edited to change "copyrighted" to "trademarked" :wink: .
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Postby MissJ521@aol.com » Sat May 10, 2008 12:52 pm

Good guess. LSL technique is not "copyrighted" though. The NAME is trademarked and the protocols for marketing it to patients or 'selling' them on it on behalf of the doctors licensed to use that trademark in their advertising or often protected by a "gag clause" in the NON-DISCLOSURE agreement LSL entity gets people working for them to sign. For example IF an office manager QUITS because she feels bad about an internal protocol to put harmed patients last in line for the doctor's time (because time priorities go to selling new patients on it), the non-disclosure agreement precludes her from sharing that kind of information in a public venue. Likewise if a doctor doing it quits because an internal company 'rule' forbids him to actually tell a patient that they are not a good candidate for the lift but a better candidate for a more intensive lift, they are not allowed to belie why they quit.

That said, there is nothing to really copyright about the surgical technique. Instead, they don't want the tactics they use internally (on the management end) up for public scrutiny. Hence they get people employed by them and doctors using the trademark to sign non-disclosure agreements. For example, the fact that doctors signed up with them only got less than $1000 on one of these $5000 lifts was example of 'secret' part that got out because a higher authority (think it was FLA med board) had them under some kind of scrutiny and having to provide that info over rode the non disclosure agreement.

With LSL, they give them a suggested way to do it which takes about an hour or so but docs can add their own elements if they want. It's more about the advertising and marketing than it is about the technique.

Quick Lift people probably saw the money wagon of advertising to the "masses" and probably has a similar technique.

As to techniques, with regard to doing some kind of a lift within an hour under local, the options are pretty much limited to "S" type lifts with long incisions and limited dissection with some SMAS plication with either purse string suturing and dependence on permanent sutures putting too much tension on stuff it's holding up as to later risk the suture cutting through the tissue it's trying to hold up like cheese wire (hence some of them falling down quickly). Not many other options with limited dissection, limited anesthesia and limited time.

Kind of amusing (to me at least) that a type of lift that could very well be described as a "cheap face lift" or a "cutting corners lift" is given much appeal if it's called something like a "Lifestyle lift" or a "Quick lift". From a profit perspective, the only investment end you want to be on either of these things is the selling end. Not on the buying end. LOL
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Postby pjammin » Sat May 10, 2008 3:28 pm

Thanks for the explanation Miss J.

I must say, now you have me a bit worried because I do recall them telling me on the telephone when I made the appointment (at my inquiry) that they use the purse strings. It never occurred to me that the weight of my lower face couldn't be held up by purse strings!!

Has anyone ever asked how long these "strings" are suppose to last?
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Postby harri » Sun May 11, 2008 12:13 pm

The MACS lift is a type of s-lift. It's supposed to be modified to hold up better because the purse strings are suspended in the 'cranium'.

Martine09 had an s-lift and is not happy with the vertical pull to her face.

Dr Yang has posted a lot of info about the MACS lift which you might find worth a read.

http://messageboards.makemeheal.com/vie ... hp?t=65970

It's not exactly the same as a quick lift but very similar.

Dr Naderi

Lifestyle lift, Quick lift, Band-aid lift, weekend lift, just to name a few are merely slight variations of the "s-lift" or "J-lift" which are essentially mini cheek lifts. They have been described and around for a very long time but certain surgeons have Trade-marked the above procedures and use them as a marketing tool.

Docblinski in reply to a question about the Quick Lift

AGAIN, another term for a mini type facelift with a twist. 'Invented' by Dr Brandyy in Pittsburgh. He adds a special plication suture to the anterior part of the facelift. You say tomatoe I say tomatoo It's all the variations of mini facelifts. Which is better?? Who knows??? Are the Quick Lifts better than the LSL's than the S-lifts than the Curl Lifts than the Contour Lifts ??? PATIENT SELECTION is most important for the procedure, I keep posting this again and again. Get 3 consults talk to previous patients of the particular procedure and BE CAREFUL! Regards Dr. Blinski docblinski@msn.com
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