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Understanding MMH...

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Understanding MMH...

Postby caira77 » Tue Jan 27, 2015 11:40 pm

I am a long time customer and a former business owner. As a customer we always want things done fast and on our time, but as a former business owner I understand that these things sometimes take time. Especially, when things are returned damaged and beyond repair. Customers are not always within reason and think that the business should always lose money just to make the customer happy. I am all about customer service but within reason. The economy has not yet fully recovered and I for one would love to see it fully recover. Without small or big businesses that will never happen. As long as there is a shortage of jobs, we will never recover. MMH is only trying to stay in business but as long as customers are beyond reason that will not happen. I am one of those customers that didn't get my credit back right away upon my return. I spoke to Allison several times about it and in the end there was a good explanation on what happened. I did get my money back. I had a minor problem and I spoke to Amee. She immediately fixed it and told me that she would make it up to me on my next order. Allison was always very nice and helpful every time I spoke to her. I don't know any business that is perfect but when a business tries to go out of there way to make it up to you, that should be acknowledged. Everyone is fast to post a bad experience but very few will go out of there way to post a positive one. I for one know how customers can be unreasonable being a former business owner. I would go out of my way to make customers happy and lose hundreds of dollars and some times thousands and the customer was never happy. It would be nice if we would support our local businesses and help our economy get stronger, so we can once again thrive like the U.S.A. always has. If you never owned a business you will more than likely not understand, but I hope this will help at least a little. I will continue shopping here and will continue referring customers =D>

A supportive customer,
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Re: Understanding MMH...

Postby perle » Wed May 20, 2015 11:07 pm

Thank you for being a reasonable customer who knows that it is not easy to please everyone. We are a family owned business, and our motto is to serve our customers, the same way we would have liked to be served.

Make Me Heal Resolution Team
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