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Help!!! Need answers on Gastric Bypass!!!

Help!!! Need answers on Gastric Bypass!!!

Postby lace1986 » Fri Jan 15, 2010 8:23 pm

Hey i am thinking about having the gastric bypass surgery!! And would like to know some things about it! From someone is went through it or is going through it!!! My main question that i have is how long does it take them to get you a surgery date?? and just some about it.. if you would email me at mommyof2boyz0308@yahoo.com thanks a lot!
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Re: Help!!! Need answers on Gastric Bypass!!!

Postby anxious_in_ny » Mon Jan 18, 2010 12:14 pm

hi Lace,

the Gastric bypass process is something you don't want to rush. Its something you really want to look into, research, and learn about. its a life changing procedure, your ephosogas area will be the new location of your stomach, your small intestine will be shortened, causing food to enter into the bloodstream and start the digestion process faster than the normal digestive system.

Not only does your body have to adjust to all the physical aspects after surgery, but then you deal with head hunger (when wanting it eat is all in your mind and you're really not hungry), you MOURN the loss of food (yes, mourn foods like donuts, sugar, soda, alcohol, big bowls of pasta, even other foods that might be healthy (I can't eat pork no matter how fatty or lean it is, it makes me sick.. the list is endless)).

Most doctors have an info session which will tell you about surgery, whats involved and expectations. After that, you'll be sent for all kinds of medical tests to make sure your body can handle surgery and make sure there are no other hidden factors. Once that is completed, most doctors make you see a nutritionist where you'll have to lose about 10% of your body weight, this is done for 2 reasons, 1. so they know youve got the willpower to do this. and most importantly 2. it helps them move your organs around during surgery (mostly your liver).

After surgery you start by drinking an ounce of water or eat an ounce of food over the course of an hour. You're on protein shakes which some people find repulsive (lack of protein will cause your hair to fall out, if you fall below your daily protein goal, 3 months later, expect it, not clumps enough to make you bald, but enough that you'll notice in the shower).

A month later the real fun starts! This is when you really think about mourning food and i'll never eat normal again. Protein is dense, your stomach is small, eating heavy protein like chicken will make you feel like you just ate a rock. You have to eat slow, stop when you're full (even an extra 2 bites could be the difference between feeling full or being in the bathroom getting sick).. After surgery I lived on wendy's chili and taco bell pintos and cheese they're soft foods, went down easy and didn't make me feel like the end of the world was coming! lol

thats just the start of the journey, its a very long one, matter of fact, its a life long one! am i saying you wont be able to eat or drink certain things ever again? no, but statistics of weight regain is high in those who go back to eating sugar (so keep that in mind if you decide to indulge after surgery).

Other things to consider
alcohol can ruin your liver three times as fast as a normal person if you decide to start socially drinking again. we absorb everything faster, alcohol isn't an exception, it enters the intestines faster and hasn't been broken down like it should so once it gets to your liver, its still too potent.

a lot of people can't drink caffeine, it makes them "dump", that didn't happen to me, i still enjoy my morning cup of coffee, but some people at work get very sick if they're coffee is regular instead of decaf.

sugar - it dumps in your intestines fast, it makes you sick and boyyy you wont forget the feeling! in time, you can get your "pouch" use to it, but again, statistics say people who go back to sugar regain.

bye bye advil! any NSAID medications are off limits, they can cause your esophagas to bleed, you can take tylenol, but be cautious when taking other pain meds or prescriptions.

no eating and drinking at the same time - eating takes up all of your new pouch, not only does your stomach not have room for liquid at the same time, but drinking while eating pushes food through faster and also opens your "stoma" (the little opening, the size of the point of a pencil) where food pushes through.

Drinking with a straw is also something that shouldnt be done since it adds air before food and could cause an unpleasant feeling after you eat.

gastric bypass should be considered a life changing decision, not a quick weight loss. I had it done 4 years ago and it was the best thing I've ever done! that being said, in 4 years, i still haven't had sugar, i've changed my food options to healthy, and natural ones. I've also eliminated artificial sweeteners from my diet since they are chemicals and not good for you (consider stevia which is a natural sweetener :) )

sorry for such a long post, but I had to get on my soap box after a woman at work asked questions about surgery. she has admitted shes going through with gb because its "free" and she wont have to work at losing weight. its very frustrating and a dangerous way to think! Another person at work with similar thoughts had surgery before I did, not only did she gain all the weight back, plus more, but she also is having problems with her liver since she went back to "enjoying alcohol".

feel free to contact me if you have questions about surgery, but again, please everyone, research this before jumping in quickly! xo
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"Compression Garments are made to help you heal, not stop circulation, too tight will lead to steps back, not steps forward"! (a sign on my ps' office wall)
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Re: Help!!! Need answers on Gastric Bypass!!!

Postby SadieP » Sat Mar 20, 2010 1:59 pm

Hi there everybody. :)

thank you anxious_in_my for sharing your experience regarding your Gastric Bypass.

I have seen 2 surgeons regarding having this surgery. The first surgeon seemed really nice and said he was happy to operate. My GP then went and obtained the funding and then went to put me onto the list and they then closed the list. :( I was so disappointed as apart from having to obtain the funding again (I still have this as its guarenteed) I had to start all over again with another surgeon and hospital.

I have seen a Surgeon now at St Thomas's in London and have to go up there in a couple of weeks time to collect some sort of gadget to wear around my wrist for 2 nights whilst I sleep. I am told this will see if I suffer from Sleep Apneoa. I am really anxious as after googleing this condition, I seem to have a few symptoms! I suffer from depression, snore and very obese with a BMI of 48. I just hope I pass this test as I am so afraid of them closing the list at this hospital.

I have researched this procedure for the last 2 years and have attended a support group and spoken to friends of friends who have had it done and so am going into it with my eyes wide open. I am already changing the way I eat in preparation. I used to eat a lot of sweet foods and chocolate which I have almost cut out completely. If I get a craving which isnt very often, I have a low calorie cup of options chocolate drink. My problem now is the quantity which I eat which is why I need this surgery desperately. Eating has become a real problem for me. I totally understand that this operation will be life changing and I know if I try to eat the wrong thing, I could end up very seriously ill.

Thank you again for sharing your experience.

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