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5 months post with Blau

5 months post with Blau

Postby joelmadison901@yahoo.com » Sun Jul 31, 2011 6:58 pm

I had it done in mid Feb this year. I did my research and was sure that I was going to the best. The price was high, roughly 7 k if I remember correctly, but I do ok and that really didn't matter to me. To me (younger single guy) I'd much rather be the good looking guy who drove a Honda to the beach, then the man boobs chump in the awesome convertible.

When I got there they asked who was driving me back (I was staying about a half hour away). Nobody told me I wouldn't be able to drive after. In fact their entire pre and post op instructions were terrible. The pre op instructions, for example, told me not to eat or drink after midnight - makes sense if you do the surgery under general, but I was doing it awake. I had to call to double check (even though I already assumed) that this and half the other things on their sheet didn't apply to me - they did not.

When I got to his office in the morning I was the first guy up. I saw at least two other guys that he was going to do that morning before lunch. This actually made me feel really good. Many PS claim to do this operation, but they only do it 3 times a year, or 25 times a year for the good ones - here's a guy who is doing at least 5 a day. You do that many anythings per day for ten plus years and you know what you're doing.

So it was my turn. He took a few minutes to talk to me and tell me what he wanted to do, but I just told him "You do what you do doc". He liked this and we were off. The surgery took about 40 minutes and I can break it down into four stages. So first come the numbing needles. There were a lot of them and I don't like them. You just man up and get through it, sort of like a bad time at the dentist. It wasn't fun but I lived. Next comes the lipo. Unless you are super ripped, you're getting the lipo. I'm 5'10 and 165, so I'm not at all fat, and I still got the lipo. I don't care how numb you are, the lipo is a bitch! This is not fun. You feel him shoving this huge needle/tube whatever it is all over the place, feels like he's sawing you breast bone. I talked to another guy in the waiting room after he was done too and we both laughed (as much as you can). The lipo was not cool. Next he cuts open the nipple and takes out the breast tissue. No big deal at all. First of all it doesn't really hurt, you can feel a pull but no pain, second you're just glad he put down the lipo. Finally he uses some electric thing to stop bleeding and then sews you up. This was 99% fine, except once or twice he seemed to hit a spot that didn't get numb and I felt the jolt - not terrible but yeah... Finally he sews you up. Again you feel pulling, but no pain, and you're glad you're done.

He had me sit in the recovery room for about 4 hours because I was driving myself home. Whatever, I obviously had nothing planned for the day - and I got a very weird satisfaction while seeing guys who were a bit nervous about their name being called next while I knew I was done.

Recovery. Like most guys I like to think that I'm an athlete and semi tough guy, but I'm a baby who wants my mommy and or girlfriend the second I get a cold, I don't do sick well. Recovery for me was a bit rough. I didn't sleep well because I was on my back and propped way up. I had to watch TV till 3 am to get tired enough to sleep for 4 - 5 hours. I moaned a lot like a child. I hung around the house playing sick for about a week. After that I was more or less fine. Flexibility in my arms came back slowly, I was actually still felling a bit tight a month and even two months after. I started lifting again about 30 days after, starting doing push ups and bench about 45 days out.

I'm five months post now. Back to 100% flexibility and strength (I'm just a normal guy who plays sports though, not a body builder). I would rate the results as an A- The man boobs are gone. There was/is quite a scar under my left nipple where the big lipo needle went in. I wore those scar patches for two months and it's better now, but still there. I guess if I was a pro bodybuilder this would be an issue, I'd rather not have it, but I don't really care. I used to look pretty good in a tank top, now I feel good with my shirt off too. I would absolutely do it again and despite what I wrote I would opt to do it awake again too - save a couple of dollars and I'd rather not be put under if I don't need to be.
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Re: 5 months post with Blau

Postby screwed » Sat Aug 11, 2012 7:26 am

Joel, good results or not, would you go to a surgeon who has numerous lawsuits, horrific patient stories and does all surgery's from tummy tucks to face lifts with old equipment in an old run down office building with unprofessional medical staff?

I feel sorry for you giving your hard earned money to that Dr. You DIDN'T do your research at all Joel because if you did you would have gone else where. I thought the way you did, Dr does a bunch of surgery's per day so he must be good, WRONG. I had to learn the hard way and wish no one go through the horror I did. For future patients, look up a Dr's lawsuit history and really dig deep because sometimes you will be surprised on what you find.

Whats sad is the plastic surgery industry is not regulated as tightly as it should be. Surgeons get away with a lot, pay a fine and move on. Also iv seen a lot comments get deleted on numerous forums when a patient had a very bad experience. How can one know to stay away from a certain Dr if only positive feed back is allowed? Hell iv seen a bad review for Dr Blau on this site get deleted.

Either way im glad you aren't hurt, but look up Dr. Blaus lawsuit history, cause you will be shocked at what you find. After my horrible experience im not surprised one bit.
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